How It Works

NextPlane enables users on different team collaboration platforms, cloud-based phone services, and UC & enterprise messaging solutions to connect with their colleagues, inside or outside the enterprise.

Users can chat and DM each other with rich text, GIF, and emoji reactions, share presence status, participate in channel discussion, and share files without leaving their preferred platforms.

NextPlane acts as a universal hub to perform protocol, content, and API translations between API-based team collaboration platforms, like Slack Microsoft Teams, Webex Teams, and/or SIP or XMPP based UC solutions, such as Avaya IX Workplace, Cisco Jabber, and Microsoft Skype for Business.

Federation and Interoperability Capabilities

Search federated contacts
Search federated
Add federated contacts
Add federated
See federated contacts’ profiles
See federated
contacts’ profiles
Share presence
Share presence
Exchange chat and IM messages
Exchange chat
and IM messages
Invite federated users to Teams/Channels/Spaces
Invite federated
users to
Participate in federated Teams/Channels/Spaces
Participate in
Send messages with Rich Text
Send messages
with Rich Text
Send messages with Emojis reactions
Send messages
with Emojis
Share files
Share files


PresenceChatUser ProfilesChannelsRich Text/EmojisFile Sharing
Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Skype for Business Online(O365)
Microsoft Skype for Business 2019
Microsoft Skype for Business 2016
Microsoft Lync 2013
Cisco WebEx Teams
Cisco Jabber
Cisco Unified Communications
Manager IM & Presence Service
Cisco WebEx Messenger
BroadSoft UC-One®
Google G-Suite Hangouts Chat
Zoom Meetings & Chat
FaceBook Workplace
Eikon Messenger
Chicago Mercantile Exchange
Chicago Mercantile Exchange Pivot
Symphony Secure Collaboration
Avaya IX Workplace
  • Generally available
  • Private preview
  • Coming soon


ConverseCloud provides a secure management portal for administrators where they can quickly
provision their domains for federation. Using the management portal, you can onboard your company’s
UC and TC domains and establish federation quickly and easily.
Simplified Provisioning
View a graphical representation of which domains and companies your company is federated with, as well as which additional non-sponsored companies are connected to your domains.
Powerful Tracking
Utilize charts and graphs containing up to 12 months of data on the number of unique users, as well as how many messages your users exchanged.
Comprehensive Directory
View the directory of over 1,000 federation-ready companies your company can connect with and send federation requests.
The email notification option triggers an email message to your operational staff on specific
events that may negatively impact the federated traffic to or from your domains.

The ConverseCloud service delivers encrypted, enterprise-grade, cloud-based security, including:

256 Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
Secure SIP
Secure XMPP (both over TLS and dial-back)

ConverseCloud does not store the content of the messages sent through the platform. The service protects members’ UC platforms by only directing authorized traffic to them. As a result, hackers and rogue entities cannot mount XMPP or SIP DoS/DDoS-type attacks to disrupt UC environments.