Secure Cross-Platform Collaboration

NextPlane connects users on Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Cisco Webex to their colleagues, inside or outside the enterprise.Users can chat and DM each other with rich text, GIF, and emoji reactions, share presence status, participate in channel discussion, and share files without leaving their preferred platforms.

NextPlane acts as a universal hub to perform protocol, content, and API translations between API-based team collaboration platforms, like Slack Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, and SIP or XMPP based messaging solutions, such as Avaya IX Workplace, Cisco Jabber, and Microsoft Skype for Business.

How It Works
Invite contacts
Invite contacts

Invite contacts to your Teams, Slack, or Cisco Webex

Share presence
Share presence

Share your availability with your partners, clients and customers

Send chat messages
Send chat messages

Exchange chat messages with rich texts, GIF, and emoji reactions.

Collaborate in Slack channels
Collaborate in channels

Invite your partners to participate in your Slack or Teams

View profiles
View profiles

View your partners profiles and contact information


PresenceChatUser ProfilesChannelsRich Text/EmojisFile Sharing
Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Skype for Business Online(O365)
Microsoft Skype for Business 2019
Microsoft Skype for Business 2016
Microsoft Lync 2013
Cisco WebEx
Cisco Jabber
Cisco Unified Communications
Manager IM & Presence Service
Cisco WebEx Messenger
BroadSoft UC-One®
Google G-Suite Hangouts Chat
Zoom Meetings & Chat
FaceBook Workplace
Eikon Messenger
Chicago Mercantile Exchange
Chicago Mercantile Exchange Pivot
Symphony Secure Collaboration
Avaya IX Workplace
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NextPlane Management Portal

  • Onboard your team collaboration and UC platforms
  • Setup and manage your internal and external federation
  • View a graphical representation of your domains and federations
  • View the directory of over 1,000 federation-ready companies your company can connect.
  • Powerful dashboards on the number of unique users, and the volume of messages exchanged.
NextPlane Management Portal

Join the 400+ Companies on nextplane

NextPlane transforms the way you work alongside your co-workers, partners, vendors, or customers by moving conversations out of siloed collaboration tools and into your Teams, Slack, or Cisco Webex.

Companies on nextplane

How to get started

It only takes a few clicks to start working closely with co-workers, vendors, customers, and more

Invite contacts
1. Add the NextPlane App

Add the NextPlane App to your Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Cisco Webex.

Share presence
2. Send the Invite

In the NextPlane App message box, enter your contact’s email address, and click Send

Send chat messages
3. Wait for Acceptance

The Nextplane App will notify you when your contacts accept your invitation to connect.

Collaborate in Slack channels
4. Send DM or Chat

In the message box, compose your message and click Send.