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Connect users on Microsoft Teams to users on other collaboration and messaging platforms
Enable users on Microsoft Teams and other collaboration and enterprise messaging platforms, such as Zoom, to interact through direct messaging, share presence status, and exchange files, all while remaining within their preferred applications.
Moving conversations out of siloed collaboration tools
Enables users within the same enterprise or across different organizations to communicate effortlessly. They can exchange rich text messages, use GIFs and emoji reactions, share their presence status, engage in channel discussions, and transfer files without needing to switch from their preferred platform.
Security & Privacy protocols
NextPlane ensures the privacy of your messages and files, as they are never stored. During data transfer between connected platforms, NextPlane establishes a secure connection using TLS 1.2 or higher, generally via the HTTPS protocol. As for data at rest, it is safeguarded using industry-standard AES-256 encryption, providing robust security.
Self-Service Provisioning & Administration
The NextPlane Management Portal is a secure web-based application designed to simplify establishing and managing all your external and internal federations from a central location. You can manage all aspects of the federation process and view and download usage reports.
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Adaptable User Subscription Model
Offers flexible, per-user, per-month subscription plans, allowing tailored user management and phased rollouts.
Worldwide Accessibility
Hosted on the AWS cloud, the platform operates globally, supported by super-clusters across four continents.
Custom Branding Option
Provides the ability to adapt and brand the service as your own, offering a private label solution.
How It Works: Secure Cross-Platform Collaboration
NextPlane facilitates seamless user collaboration on different enterprise messaging platforms, including Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Cisco Webex. As a universal hub, NextPlane efficiently handles protocol, content, and API translations. This allows for smooth interoperability between API-based team collaboration tools like Slack, Teams, and Zoom and messaging solutions based on SIP or XMPP protocols, such as Avaya IX Workplace, Cisco Jabber, and Microsoft Skype for Business.
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