Intra-domain Migration from Legacy UC to TC Platforms

Communication and cross-team collaboration is the lifeblood of today’s enterprise, and the newest breed of Team Collaboration (TC) tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex are gaining more traction across different companies and departments. Slack has an estimated 10 million users and Microsoft Teams has grown to 500,000 organizations….

Workplace Collaboration & The New Status Quo

While often portrayed in the media as “trend-bucking boogeymen,” Millennials now comprise the largest cohort of workers in the economy. By 2030, Millennial workers will account for three-quarters of the entire workforce. Setting easy journalism and clickable trend pieces aside, it stands to reason that the tenets associated with the Millennial generation…

NEW REPORT: The Growing Rift Between I.T. and Employees

“Bring your own” culture has had a dramatic impact on the way companies operate both within their own walls and with clients and partners. Years ago, when the iPhone became an option for workers to consolidate their personal and professional lives, IT departments scrambled to make adjustments to security and…

Playing Tug-Of-War With The IT Department

In many industries, professionals are spoiled for choice. The break-neck speed at which technology evolves from idea to prototype, and then from cutting-edge to obsolete, leaves users in a near constant pattern of adoption and upgrade. These shifting grounds are on clear display in the world of enterprise software, specifically…

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