Best Microsoft Teams Apps

In the world of multi-channel productivity software, Microsoft Teams reigns supreme.

Built for businesses of all sizes operating in any industry, the platform has proven itself to be much more than your typical group messaging application. Its integration with more than 600 apps makes Microsoft Teams one of the most versatile collaboration platforms on the market, helping you stay connected and engaged.

In this guide, we’ll run through some of the best Microsoft Teams apps designed to supercharge your user experience and keep you and your team happy, focused, and productive.


First up is Polly—an app that allows you to create surveys directly inside your Microsoft Teams channels, giving members a quick and easy way to vote on specific questions. All you have to do is provide the questions and answers, and Polly will perform the vote-counting analytics in real-time.

Despite its unassuming interface, Polly has plenty of advanced offerings, particularly when it comes to running polls.

Among an array of other features, Polly lets you schedule polls and ask single, multiple-choice, and agree/disagree questions. There’s also the option to postpone results, display or hide results, and allow your audience to respond anonymously


From big picture projects to last-minute details, Trello is a project management software that keeps track of all of it. The Trello board is made up of lists, and within each list are cards that allow you to add comments, upload files, create labels, and add due dates.

This is somewhat of a departure from other similar tools as it takes a more visual approach to task management.

As one of the best apps for Microsoft Teams, the Trello integration makes it easy to view assignments and facilitate discussions between team members. Its intuitive design also enables users to organize and prioritize projects in a way that works best for their team.


If you have an idea in need of development, you might want to consider using a mind map. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, a mind map is a diagram built for visualizing and organizing information that maps out the relationships between different pieces of content.

With MindMeister for Microsoft Teams, you can bring this content to life in a collaborative way, allowing multiple contributors to make additions and edits to the mind map.

Additional features include turning mind maps into dynamic presentations, commenting and voting on topics, and adding visual elements to map topics.


What once started as a SaaS company has grown into the 5th-largest enterprise application software company in the world. Founded in 1999, Salesforce specializes in customer relationship management and is now used by more than 150,000 organizations worldwide.

The Microsoft Teams Connector for Salesforce keeps your team up-to-speed by delivering relevant content from services you’re already using directly into a channel. The Salesforce Connector sends regular updates about activities in the Salesforce account you want to track.

With teamwork continuing to be a driving force in the workplace, the integration between Salesforce and Microsoft Teams will boost productivity and efficiency.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud is a set of 20+ apps and services that give subscribers access to a variety of software used for web development, video editing, graphic design, photography, and more.

Instead of purchasing each app one at a time, this option allows users to pay a monthly subscription fee depending on which ones they’re using.

Together, Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Teams combine creative work and teamwork. With the Creative Cloud app for Microsoft Teams, graphic designers can easily share their work, receive feedback, and stay in-the-know regarding the latest actions taken on their assets.

Google Analytics

If you run a website, blog, or any other type of internet property, chances are you’ve already used Google Analytics to monitor traffic, review page views, and look into user demographics.

By connecting Google Analytics to Microsoft Teams, you can receive updates directly in Microsoft Teams on your site’s traffic – and then collaborate around them, all within a single application.

Aggregating data from different sources and accessing everything you need in one place; this opens up plenty of opportunities to take action and make powerful business decisions.


ThisRememberThis is one of the newer apps on this list, one that’s ideal for those who misplace content and have trouble keeping track of conversations.

When used in tandem with Microsoft Teams, RememberThis allows you to set custom reminders on your most important chats.

Sometimes, we create channel threads only to attempt to refer to them later without being able to find anything. They may have been accidentally deleted or buried underneath newer chat threads.RememberThis helps prevent those discussions from disappearing in the stream of new content.

By setting time-based reminders, RememberThis will add a reply to the conversation, so it pops back up into your activity feed. You’ll never have to worry about forgetting again and can therefore, focus your efforts on other aspects of your business.


Launched in 2018, MURAL is a leading visual collaboration tool that utilizes agile and design thinking methods to improve the way people work together.

This digital workspace integrates seamlessly into your Microsoft Teams workspace when you add a custom tab, notification bot, and messaging extension.

If you receive an invitation to MURAL or someone has @ mentioned you, the bot will inform you via a private message. If the conversation requires additional visual collaboration, just find and share a template right there and then using the MURAL messaging extension.Using any device and any browser, even distributed teams can work together more efficiently by having all their favorite digital whiteboard tools in one place.


It’s no secret that loyalty and engagement contribute to a positive working environment.

Givitas is a software solution that operates under the idea that “no question is a bad question” and seeks to make employees comfortable asking for help.

The integration with Microsoft Teams ensures that users have access to a wealth of resources, advice, and connections. Not only does it encourage sharing and collaboration across silos, but Givitas also provides analytics and metrics detailing usage and benefits.

When knowledge-sharing is made simple, more people are likely to find the correct answer, solve their problems, and better retain everything they learned.


Part collaboration app and part project management tool, Jell is essentially a goal-tracking platform where teams can share daily plans, accomplishments, and challenges from one central place.

Jell brings structured communication to Microsoft Teams through daily standups, as well as customizable team check-ins and flexible reminders.

The daily standups in Jell can be used to keep track of what your teams are working on, without having to spend time in unnecessary meetings. While Jell offers several pre-made templates, you also have the option of completely customizing your check-ins for management updates, one-on-one sessions, and more.

You can even set up reminders to reflect your team’s schedule. Jell makes it simple to optimize reminders for teams that may work across multiple time zones too.

Bonus Apps

While we’ve barely scratched the surface with our list of top paid apps, check out some of the Microsoft Teams best free apps we’ve listed below.


Aside from using main channels, threads, and chats, Wiki offers users an alternative way to communicate in Microsoft Teams.

While most immediately think of “Wikipedia” when they hear the term “Wiki,” this software actually allows companies to share and record information online.

You have the option to add a Wiki as a tab directly to your channel, add pages to Wikis categorized by topic, and collaborate within Wikis using @ mentions. Use the app as your own dedicated workspace to keep notes or and keep all your information in one place. Wiki definitely comes in handy for FAQs.

Cisco Webex

The modern business uses more than one messaging app, as they often have trouble finding just one that can fulfill their specific needs.

However, with Microsoft Teams, you don’t have to choose between two different apps, especially if you love the functionality of both.

The Cisco Webex Meetings bot combines the functionality of Microsoft Teams and Cisco WebEx Meeting so that you can easily schedule, start, and join meetings without switching from app to app. You can even share content created in Microsoft apps in the Cisco Webex app and send links from Webex into Microsoft Teams.

Final Thoughts

There you have it—the best Microsoft Teams apps around. This is by no means a comprehensive list of every integration worth looking into. There’s plenty more to explore if you want to maximize your team’s efficiency. Productivity is especially important where collaborating remotely is essential.

NextPlane enables Microsoft Teams users to connect with their colleagues that are on different collaboration and messaging tools. They can communicate with them, inside or outside their company, through messages with rich text and emoji reactions, sharing presence status, inviting and participating in channels, and sharing files.

Plus, NextPlane connects over 750,000 enterprise users every day from thousands of Global 5000 companies. That means interoperability won’t be an issue.