NextPlane ConverseCloud does not keep or record IM, voice or video calls. It also does not use or route voice and video traffic to third-party providers.

At NextPlane we believe it’s better to be as transparent as possible. This is good for privacy, good for the service and good for ConverseCloud members and their end-users.

Privacy goes hand-in-glove with security and confidentiality. We see these things being the three legs that keep the stool balanced and upright. Each is as important as the others, and if one is missing the stool won’t stand. They are all very important to us and we take them very seriously.

Information ConverseCloud Collects and Receives
We collect different kinds of information. Some of it is personally identifiable, while some is non-identifying or aggregated. Here are the types of information we collect or receive:

Log Data
Our servers automatically record a log entry for each UC message they process. The log entry only has the metadata and not the contents of a UC message. The metadata consists of the following fields:

  • Sender address (e.g.
  • Receiver address (e.g.
  • Message type (IM, presence, vCard, audio call or video call)
  • Time and date of the message
  • Policy name and decision as to whether a policy was applied
  • Call ID (an ID identifying a chat session or a call)
  • Error or response code (generated by the UC platform or ConverseCloud Servers if applicable)

Management Portal Account and Profile Information
The only information we require to create your management account is your first and last name, an email address and password. Any information you add to your profile is not visible to other UC administrators that have access to the management portal.

Billing Information
We collect your billing address and credit card information if you purchase a premium version of ConverseCloud. Credit card information is securely passed to our payment processing partner and is not stored at NextPlane.

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