open call
NextPlane OpenCall
Bring AI-driven Microsoft Teams PSTN calling into your UC and CX platforms using your existing PBX and SIP Trunk infrastructure.
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open axys
NextPlane OpenAxys
Empower your UCaaS & CX platform with AI tools and Large Language Models, such as Open AI, Meta Llama 2, Google Bard, and many more.
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open hub
NextPlane OpenHub
Offer IM and Presence connectivity between Teams users and their colleagues on other collaboration and enterprise messaging platforms like Slack, Zoom, and Cisco Webex, among many others.
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Customer Testimonials

“Silos of collaborations enhance employee productivity and contribute to the company’s bottom line.”

Said no IT Manager

"Using NextPlane to connect our Slack with our clients’ Microsoft Teams users has revolutionized our support. This seamless solution enhances communication, streamlining collaboration and elevating our overall customer experience. NextPlane is a game-changer for improved service delivery."

Matt Grofsky, CTO at Ytel, Inc.

"I am delighted with the transformative impact of connecting to our clients, irrespective of their collaboration or messaging platforms. Thanks to this seamless interoperability facilitated by NextPlane, communication barriers have dissolved, fostering unprecedented collaboration and efficiency. NextPlane has proven instrumental in achieving a unified and connected ecosystem, greatly enhancing our overall IT landscape."

Jesse Windsor, Emerson, Director of Workforce Productivity

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