Support and Services Terms

NextPlane ConverseCloud Support Levels and Options

Customer contacts
Customer approved technical contacts shall be provided by Customer and may be changed upon mutual written agreement. In an emergency, a NextPlane engineer will begin working on a problem for an unauthorized contact on an exception basis subject to later verification and involvement of a named technical support contact. Customer approved technical contacts should register for online access to the NextPlane helpdesk service, at: All Customer approved technical contacts must be registered for access to the NextPlane ConverseCloud Management Portal, and to the NextPlane helpdesk service, and will automatically be registered to receive Service update notifications.

NextPlane support process
Customer approved technical contacts shall raise a Support Ticket to report any Service technical issue. All Support Tickets should be raised in the first instance by logging into the NextPlane helpdesk service at All Response Times are measured from the time a Support Ticket is submitted.

Contacting NextPlane support
NextPlane shall provide Customer support via the ConverseCloud management portal, helpdesk service, web and telephone, depending on the specific Service Package to which the Customer has subscribed.

Support contact methods and time zones

Pricing PackageNextPlane ConverseCloud Management PortalNextPlane Helpdesk ServiceWebPhoneTime Zone Coverage
StartupYesYesNoNo9:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday – US Pacific Time zone
BusinessYesYesYesNo8:00am to 8:00pm Monday to Friday – US Eastern Time zone or 9:00am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday – EMEA CET Time zone.
EnterpriseYesYesYesYes8:00am to 8:00pm Monday to Friday – US Eastern Time zone or 9:00am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday – EMEA CET Time zone.
CustomYesYesYesYes24 x 7

Time Zone Coverage above, excludes any USA or EMEA holidays.

Response times
NextPlane Support makes every possible effort to respond to support incidents in accordance with the time-frames defined below. Initial response times and follow-up response times vary based on the Service Package to which the Customer has subscribed and the Customer Support Ticket Severity / Priority Definition, defined as below:

Service Package Startup

Severity LevelFirst ResponseSubsequent Updates
Priority One4 Hours12 Hours
Priority Two12 Hours24 Hours
Priority Three24 Hours36 Hours
Priority Four24 HoursAs needed Basis

Service Package Business, Enterprise and Custom

Severity LevelFirst ResponseSubsequent Updates
Priority One1 Hour2 Hours
Priority Two2 Hours8 Hours
Priority Three2 Hours48 Hours
Priority Four8 Hours48 Hours

Customer support tickets – priority and severity levels
Support tickets are categorized according to their severity, and assigned a priority by NextPlane Support, as described in the table below. Response times are dependent on the Service Package to which the Customer has subscribed.
The descriptions below are guidelines and are not meant to cover every possible condition or technical situation.

Technical support requests within a severity level are generally processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Severity LevelFirst ResponseSubsequent Updates
Priority OneA NextPlane federation failureFederation end-users are unable to use the federation service resulting in critical impact on company operations.
Priority TwoA federation degradation or failureSubset of federation end-users are unable to exchange chat or see presence with colleagues or partners.
Priority ThreeIsolated individual experiencing failureAn individual federation user is unable to use the federation service.
Priority FourMinor service impact or feature enhancement request, federation service is fully functional and operationalAll issues not captured in priority one to three incident scenarios. Administrators can use this level to request a configuration change, feature enhancement, documentation, or update authorized contacts.

Federated partner support
Support to federated partners included in Service Package Business, Enterprise and Custom is limited to providing a reasonable level of assistance to support the partner undertaking the Service provisioning process, or providing troubleshooting assistance in the case of technical issues with an established federation.

Federated Partner Support does not include attending calls with federated partners who need assistance with standard UC platform or federation configuration questions.

Service Package 1 does not include the provision of support to federated partners. On this Service Package, if federated partner support is required, this will be available at US$250 per hour during 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday – US Pacific Time zone. Support Hours are rounded up to the nearest full hour.

Service maintenance notification
Service notifications will be sent to the registered Customer technical contacts and are also available at

Service notifications include details of upcoming service maintenance activity and service status, including updates regarding service maintenance completion.

NextPlane generally performs Scheduled Downtime during the times Saturday 12am Pacific Time and 12am Sunday Pacific Time.

Conditions for providing support
NextPlane’s obligation to provide Support Services is conditioned upon the following: (a) Customer makes reasonable efforts to solve the problem after consulting with NextPlane; and (b) Customer provides NextPlane with sufficient information and resources to correct the problem, as well as access to the personnel, hardware, and any additional systems required in order to troubleshoot the problem.

Exclusions from NextPlane’s support services
NextPlane is not obligated to provide Support Services under the following circumstances:

(a) the problem is caused by Customers negligence, hardware malfunction, configuration error on the part of Customer, or other causes beyond the reasonable control of NextPlane;
(b) Customer fails to provide immediate and appropriate resources to assist NextPlane in the identification, troubleshooting, and resolution of the issue, including the provision of technical information and logs as requested by NextPlane.
(c) errors in the electronic files provided by the Customer containing Customer data,
(d) unauthorized use or misuse by Customer or anyone using any of the Licensee passwords, provided that NextPlane has taken commercially reasonable steps to protect ConverseCloud from unauthorized access, intrusion, and disruption,
(e) unavailability of the unified communications servers or messaging platforms on either end,
(f) the problem is with third party software not licensed through NextPlane, or network services not provided by NextPlane; or
(g) Customer has not paid License Subscription or Support Services Fees when due.