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Connect your UCaaS and CX platform to GenAI
NextPlane OpenAxys offers seamless integration of communication platforms with major Large Language Models and AI tools. Our innovative approach elevates real-time teamwork and guarantees full access to the advanced functionalities of your preferred AI tools within UC and CX platforms.
Automates summaries for all customer interactions, voice and digital. Leveraging generative AI and integrating industry-specific AI models with Large Language Models boosts efficiency, cuts costs, and improves agent performance. The latest feature enhances CX by matching consumers with agents using sentiment analysis for personalized interactions.
Seamless Integration
Easy and quick Integration with Open AI, Meta Llama2, Google Bard, and many more.
Worldwide Accessibility
Hosted on the AWS cloud, the platform operates globally, supported by super-clusters across four continents.
Custom Branding Option
Provides the ability to adapt and brand the service as your own, offering a private label solution.
How It Works: Unique Integration of Collaboration and Generative AI
NextPlane OpenAxys functions as an abstraction layer, bridging the gap between UC platforms, custom applications, AI tools, and Large Language Models (LLMs). This unique setup allows for seamless communication and integration across these different technologies. It simplifies the complexities involved in connecting custom apps and advanced AI capabilities with communication solutions, offering users a streamlined, efficient way to leverage the full potential of both their custom applications and state-of-the-art AI technologies within a unified environment.
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