The Challenges of UC Federation

The ability for employees to communicate quickly and collaborate effectively with their colleagues is proven to drive business efficiency, speed up decision making and accelerate competitive advantage. While the actual process of UC federation is straightforward, the workflows that organizations have implemented around external collaboration are often cumbersome. That’s because:

  • Partner organizations may not be responsive to federation requests. And even if they are, they may not be ready to federate because they have other priorities or lack the necessary resources.
  • Partner organizations might be using UC platforms or services that are not compatible with your UC platform or they may not even have a UC platform at all.
  • Partner organizations may not have any messaging or collaboration solutions in place to begin with.

In other instances, UC administrators may not have explicit requests from line-of-business managers for “federation” per se, but they receive constant requests from their end-user communities to enable them to communicate in real time with their external colleagues.