January 25, 2021
A backdoor into your network: how to mitigate the risks of team collaboration guest accounts
Team collaboration tools are taking the world by storm. Platforms including Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx Teams, and Slack offer a breadth of functionality and user-friendly experiences that have hooked corporate workers. Employers also love them because the staff is happy and productive, driving a host of business benefits. According to Nemertes Research, nearly 70% of…


Top 5 Softphones for Remote Work

We are quickly discovering that inter-office phone calls and emails are not the best way to stay connected in an environment that’s becoming increasingly agile and remote. Gartner, Inc. survey…

The Best Alternatives to RingCentral

How we communicate with one another in the workplace determines how healthy and productive an organization is. That’s what makes internal communication so important. Not only does it enhance transparency…

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