What Would Mitel’s Avaya Acquisition Mean For The UC Industry?

The news of a bid from UC and telecommunications giant Mitel to acquire Avaya sent ripples through the greater collaboration industry this month. Bloomberg reported that if the deal goes through and the two long-time competitors consolidate their assets, the resulting vendor would be valued at more than $5 billion….

10 Best Online Collaboration Tools For a Productive Remote Team

Remote working has become a trend in the business world of today for it advantages. Businesses can now hire the best talents from different countries to build a very productive team. How then do you manage relationships with long-distance employees? If it wasn’t possible then remote working would not be…

ConverseCloud Echo Bot Tests, Monitors, and Troubleshoots Your Federations

The ConverseCloud management portal gives companies more insight into how they use and manage NextPlane interoperability and federation. But did you know the portal also breaks down complex domain provisioning, verification, and validation? This reduces the time it takes to provision your unified communications and Team Collaboration domains and successfully…

4 Unpopular UC Interoperability Challenges And How To Fix Them

Every upgrade no matter how good presents a whole new set of challenges to every organization. In most cases, it’s usually getting accustomed to the new system, blending the new with the old or adaptation problems. In the business world, there have been several difficulties encountered in trying to improve…

Simple Microsoft Teams Tips And Tricks For 2019 And Beyond

How you manage your team determines their productivity and efficiency. With Microsoft Teams, you can effortlessly set up multiple discussion channels for your team in order to send, share and store files, and organize live voice and video meetings.  Microsoft Teams also comes with prominent features including a Business Essentials,…

A Comprehensive Guide on Moving Users From Skype To Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is making it simpler for organizations to bring their workers together, hold conversations and organize live voice and video meetings, and share content under one platform. Teams also allows people to work on other apps including Skype right within the Microsoft Teams app. Recently, Teams has become a…

What’s Indeed New in Skype For Business in 2019: A Deeper Look

Bring your teams together with a familiar experience through the office applications they use on a daily basis. With Skype for Business 2019, it has become a whole lot easier for business owners to streamline their business operations with one platform and work hand-in-hand with others directly from Office application….

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