Melissa Abramson
AUTHOR: Melissa Abramson
Apr 16, 2019 - 2 min read
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New Management Portal Dashboard Gives Users Instant Insight Into Their Accounts and Powers Easy Federation

In an effort to give our customers more insight into how they use and manage NextPlane Federation services, we are excited to announce a newly redesigned management portal dashboard. The new dashboard enables customers to track their service usages.

The management portal provides customers with trailing 12 months charts and graphs depicting the number of unique users, as well as how many messages were exchanged.

The portal also provides a graphical representation of which domains and companies your company is federated with, as well as which additional non-sponsored companies are connected to these domains.

Instead of receiving the unique users’ report via monthly emails, which has been our existing approach, authorized admins should now utilize the new management portal to more effectively manage their organization’s usage information.

Additionally, the management portal enables you to tap into the largest global network of federated companies and domains. Users can search for and connect with an extensive network of enterprises, including Global 5000 companies, to communicate and collaborate with via 25 different collaboration platforms.

The management platform makes onboarding your company and establishing federation quick and easy. Within the portal you can create your own profile, view a list of companies you can connect with and even send connection requests, similar to connecting with friends and family on social media networks.

Current NextPlane customers can log into the management portal via (

To get set up with NextPlane’s federation services, please contact our sales team at