NextPlane’s UC Exchange Enables Siemens Enterprise Communications to Extend UC Federation Services, Enhancing Team Collaboration, Decision-Making and Productivity

Munich, Germany and Reston, VA and Sunnyvale, CA, July 23, 2013 – Siemens Enterprise Communications, a leading global provider of unified communications (UC) solutions, and NextPlane, the market leader in cloud-based federation services for unified communications, announced today that the NextPlane UC Exchange service will provide extended federation services for Siemens Enterprise Communications’ OpenScape UC platform. Siemens Enterprise Communications customers who join NextPlane’s UC Exchange will be able to seamlessly connect and instantly collaborate with the widest array of partner organizations across a range of other UC platforms, including Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, Google, Open-Fire, Isode, eZuce, and eJabberd.

Over the past few years, UC and collaboration solutions have seen a continual progression and growth, both across the internal enterprise and now externally with business partners UC enables real-time communication, introducing faster and improved levels of team interaction, decision-making, innovation, and productivity among workers, partners and customers. A 2012 global study titled “State of Enterprise Communications” and sponsored by Siemens Enterprise Communications found that 80% of user end-points are now outside of corporate headquarters, underscoring the trend toward distributed and mobile workforces.

The Siemens Enterprise Communications OpenScape UC solution provides leading scalability, mobility and communications, improving public and private cloud capabilities for exceptional user experience. The OpenScape UC Suite also provides a single UC domain for organizations ranging from 100 to 500,000 users, enabling the highest level of productivity and collaboration for workers across the campus or around the world. Delivering economies of scale in public and private cloud deployments, the OpenScape UC Suite creates a unified user experience for presence, messaging, contacts and directories in large multi-site, multi-vendor organizations.

The NextPlane UC Exchange federation service – the fastest-growing, cloud-based community of federation-ready organizations – is powered by a secure any-to-any UC federation service. In its selection of NextPlane and its’ UC Exchange service, Siemens Enterprise Communications is able to extend the value of its OpenScape Suite by enabling its customers to participate in secure, federated and collaborative business communities.

In addition to enabling Siemens Enterprise Communications customers to federate with their business partners using other UC platforms, NextPlane’s UC Exchange also facilitates UC-to-social media federation, including Skype and Yahoo!, as well as with enterprise social media networks, such as Salesforce Chatter and Microsoft Yammer, and public social media networks such as Twitter.

By joining UC Exchange, Siemens Enterprise Communications customers can enable their end-users to readily share presence and exchange instant messages with their colleagues’ business partners, supply chain vendors, third-party suppliers and customers as if they are all on the same platform. With today’s globally dispersed workforce and business ecosystems, these different parties increasingly operate in various regions spread across multiple time zones, making real-time communications, collaboration and rapid access to information and decision-making all the more critical.

Siemens Enterprise customers can also leverage UC Exchange’s secure federation management portal to provision and manage their UC domains, send, receive and track federation requests, centrally manage all of their federated communications, including security and federation policies, plus access usage reports to analyze the impact of each federation on their employees’ productivity.

“This partnership with NextPlane gives Siemens Enterprise Communications the opportunity to expand OpenScape UC Suite’s federation services, driving forward our leadership in the market. This partnership further underscores our commitment to openness and supporting our customers’ evolving communications business requirements,” noted Rick Puskar, Senior Vice President, Global Portfolio Management at Siemens Enterprise Communications.

Founder and CEO of NextPlane, Farzin Shahidi commented, “We’re delighted to partner with Siemens Enterprise Communications. Their decision to select NextPlane’s UC Exchange federation service reflects their commitment to providing inter-enterprise communication solutions to their customers. It also demonstrates their commitment to openness for the benefit of their customers.”

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