We’ve been working hard to simplify the federation process while making it easier to connect and collaborate with your network of customers and business partners.

As part of a major upgrade of our Federation Management Portal due mid- April, we are introducing several new features.

What’s New in the Federation Management Portal:

  • Improved domain provisioning workflows
    Based on the feedback from UC administrators we improved the domain provisioning workflow to reduce the time and effort needed to federate your domain(s) with UC Exchange.
  • Invite your business network of customers and partners to join UC Exchange if they are not already members
    They can become Directory Members of UC Exchange, a free membership which allows them to accept your invitation to federate and allows both organizations to connect and collaborate quickly and easily.
  • Team Updates
    The portal gives administrators the ability to assign ‘followers’ to key actions and tasks. This allows additional team members involved in the federation process to keep track of progress without the need to give them direct access to the portal.
  • More powerful and granular reporting and analytics will provide both summary and detailed statistics on federation traffic, providing a valuable insight into user adoption across your organization and your partner community.
  • UC Exchange Members will be able to add new services such as social media federation and Skype federation directly from the NextPlane Management Portal. This will make it easier for you to provision new services online and tailor them to the growing needs of your organization.

The upgrade to your Federation Management Portal will be done automatically.

We look forward to delivering these benefits to enhance your experience of UC Exchange. If you would like more information on these new features, please contact us.

The NextPlane Team