eZuce openUC added to NextPlane UC Exchange as a Certified UC Platform

ANDOVER, Mass. (November 13, 2012) — eZuce Inc., the leading global provider of cloud based communications and collaboration solutions for large enterprises, has recently completed certification testing with NextPlane for its openUC™ solution. eZuce openUC has demonstrated full Instant Messaging (IM) federation with Microsoft Lync during initial Phase I certification in which users are able to share not only standard presence states of either “Available,” “Away,” “Busy” or “DND” on unified communication (UC) clients but also custom status messages, and enhanced presence states with federated colleagues.

NextPlane provides UC Exchange a UC and social media federation service with a searchable directory of over 100 (and growing) federation-ready organizations where companies can easily federate with customers and partners, using a secure management portal to track federation requests to and from business partners. UC Exchange Federation Services accelerates the building of collaborative business communities by eliminating the need to set up and maintain separate federation connections with multiple partners. UC Exchange supports all major UC platforms including Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, Google, OpenFire, Isode and eJabberd. UC Exchange enables end-users within the UC Exchange community to easily share presence, exchange instant messages, participate in multi-party chat sessions, make voice calls, share files, and participate in voice conferences.

“We’re glad to include eZuce openUC in our UC Exchange program; in particular its seamless IM federation with Microsoft Lync and OCS enables users to experience collaboration the way it was designed to be- easy and reliable. We look forward to strengthening our technology alliance with eZuce as we continue to expand our federated services to Enterprises through strategic partnerships such as this.” Farzin Shahidi, Founder and CEO, NextPlane Inc.

eZuce provides UC cubed, the transition of unified communications into a software and IT application that is open, standards based, enterprise-grade, and socially-enabled. eZuce openUC™ and Unite solutions are transformational, enabling companies to become social organizations, improve productivity, and lower costs by communications-enabling and integrating business-critical applications and functions across multiple platforms. It enables IT to successfully manage the transition not only to the Cloud and Communications-as-a-Service (CaaS), but also to embrace the even more challenging reality of Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD). eZuce openUC™ offers ease of use for the IT team, extreme flexibility, scalability, resiliency, and security, with the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).

“eZuce fully embraces the partnership we have with NextPlane as our collective efforts enable users to have more choice and flexibility in how they communicate and collaborate amongst contacts particularly within their social networks. This approach aligns directly with our overall product strategy as eZuce openUC is the solution of choice for Enterprises in need of open standards-based virtualized communications.” David Grazio, VP of Product Marketing, eZuce Inc.