IM and Presence Federation

Cisco Federation - UC Federation
Connect your Cisco users to their external colleagues on IBM, Microsoft, Unify, GENBAND, OpenFire and virtually any UC platforms-seamlessly.

UC Federation supports Cisco WebEx Messenger, Unified Communications Manager IM & Presence Service, and Jabber XCP.

Enhance your end-user’s B2B collaboration experience across organizational boundaries with:

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Voice and Video Collaboration

Microsoft Federation - UC Phonebook
With just one click, easily escalate from a chat session to a voice or video call session with anyone on your contact list.

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UC Phonebook

Cisco Federation - UC Phonebook
Find your colleagues in external partner organizations directly from Cisco Jabber. Learn More »

Special TLS Support for Cisco WebEx Messenger

Cisco Federation - UC Phonebook
UC Exchange enables Cisco WebEx Messenger to establish TLS-based federation with Microsoft Office® 365, Lync 2013 and 2010, OCS 2007 R1 and R2; IBM Sametime; and GENBAND EXPERiUS.

As a result, organizations can encrypt all their real-time communication with their customers and business partners, regardless of their underlying platforms.

UC Exchange TLS support for WebEx Messenger, which is recommended by Cisco, is the only federation solution that works in conjunction with Cisco’s recent addition of TLS support for WebEx Messenger. Learn More »

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