Management Portal

UC Exchange Management Portal

The UC Exchange Management Portal is a secure Web-based portal for UC administrators, and is designed to simplify the process of establishing and managing UC federation with other members in UC Exchange. The Management Portal automates most of the federation workflow, saving your organization time and valuable IT resources. It also gives administrators the ability to manage all aspects of the federation process from one central location.


Located on the Management Portal, the UC Exchange Dashboard conveniently displays outstanding tasks and federation requests in one highly visible location.

The dashboard’s Tasks Table highlights tasks that need attention, including provisioning steps that require completion, and federation requests from other organizations that require review. In addition, the table will let you know if you need to complete any configuration steps on your own UC platform in order to establish federation with other new domains and/or request new services.

The UC Exchange Dashboard also displays any outstanding federation requests sent to other federation-ready members in the Requests Table.

Provision UC Domains

UC administrators can easily provision (on-board) their UC domain(s) through the UC Exchange Management Portal. This includes the UC-specific steps required to establish federation between their UC domain(s) and the UC Exchange Federation Service.

Federation Self-Test

UC administrators can quickly verify that they have established a successful federation with UC Exchange by performing a quick test with Echo, the UC Exchange federation test application.

Federation Directory

The UC Exchange Management Portal provides access to a growing directory of federation-ready companies. Similar to a social network, the portal allows organizations to friend each other and build their own business communities by sending federation requests to their partners. They can also invite new partner organizations to join UC Exchange.

UC administrators can also track the status of federation requests, receive notification of their approval or rejection, and receive confirmation that the federation is activated.

Request New Services

From the Management Portal, UC administrators can also order NextPlane services and track the status of those services, including policies and disclaimer management.

Respond to Federation Requests

UC administrators can respond to federation requests from members of UC Exchange directly from the Management Portal. This includes receiving federation requests from other members; responding with approval, rejection or a request for more information; performing additional UC-specific steps to establish the federation; and receiving confirmation when federation has been successful.


UC administrators can create multiple custom disclaimers that will display at the beginning of a chat or multi-user chat session regardless of the UC platforms involved, including those that do not usually support this type of feature. Disclaimers can be set so that they are visible to the receiver only or visible to both the sender and the receiver.

Organizations typically use this feature to share legal, compliance and security advisories.

Reports and Analytics

The UC Exchange Management Portal provides detailed information that enables members to measure user adoption and other important metrics across their respective organizations and partner communities.

UC administrators can view and download charts and reports that track the monthly numbers of users and message volume within their companies and across their federated domains. They can also track the number of monthly messages by type (chat vs. presence) and direction (sent vs. received).