UC Exchange Overview

The Network is the Business

Unified communications (UC) promises real-time collaboration with strategic business partners. But with so many businesses using so many different collaboration tools, it can be difficult to figure out how to bring business-to-business communications into the 21st century.
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The Challenges of UC Federation

While the actual process of IM and Presence federation may take you a couple of minutes, the workflow that partner organizations have implemented around external collaboration is often cumbersome. As such, it can take quite some time to get the wheels turning, so to speak, and begin the process of direct federation.

When it comes to voice and video federation, it gets even more complicated. That’s because most voice and video solutions that claim seamless federation today require specialized server-side or client-based plug-ins. If your organization is on a cloud-based UC service such as Office 365 or Cisco WebEx Messenger, such federation becomes an impossibility.

Even though employees maintain relationships with business partners, the task still falls on your company’s shoulders to begin the process of federation. To establish any type of UC federation—even “like to like” ones—you need to contact the other organization’s UC czar. And once you’ve tracked down that person, you have to get him to agree to configure his company’s UC platform and go through the approval process before the employees from the two different enterprises can even begin to think about real-time collaboration.

This, believe it or not, can take considerable time.

The UC federation process gets even more complicated when you attempt to federate with a partner that’s using a different UC platform than yours. And on top of that complication, your due diligence will include first proving to management that your company will gain a measurable positive impact on productivity from real-time collaboration.

NextPlane’s UC Exchange Community – The Simplest Path to UC Federation

To remove all of that headache, we at NextPlane have worked hard to create and build UC Exchange, the world’s fastest-growing community of federation-ready organizations. Members of the exchange have built real-time collaborative business communities around their UC platforms.

As it stands now, the UC Exchange community boasts over 500,000 federated end users who represent more than 1000 corporate domains. Together, these users—who work for companies in the energy, financial, pharmaceutical, automotive, high-tech, legal, media, publishing, consulting and manufacturing industries—send over 1 billion federated presence and chat messages a month.

The UC Exchange Services

NextPlane UC Exchange features
The UC Exchange community is powered by a scalable any-to-any B2B UC federation and collaboration service.

With NextPlane’s UC Exchange, you only need to federate once regardless of the number of partners in your business network. UC Exchange resides in the middle of all member organizations, providing presence, messaging, voice and video capabilities among the employees of federated organizations.

While federating can be a tiring process as discussed above, our UC Exchange takes care of the interoperability complexities across incompatible UC environments. In other words, we do all the complicated stuff so that your employees are able to take advantage of federation quickly.

The UC Exchange UC phonebook is a secure, centralized database containing highly reliable, validated and accurate contact information based on the employee profiles that are automatically updated by participating companies.

Any-to-Any UC Federation

NextPlane UC Exchange Interoperable Unified Communication Federation solution
UC Exchange supports IM, presence, voice and video collaboration across a wide range of UC platforms, including Microsoft Office® 365, Skype for Business, Lync 2013 and 2010, OCS 2007 R1 and R2; Cisco WebEx Messenger, Unified Communication Manager IM and Presence Service, and Jabber XCP; IBM Sametime; Unify OpenScape®; Broadsoft UC-One®; GENBAND EXPERiUS; OpenFire and virtually any other UC platform. We are also constantly adding more solutions to the mix.

Scalable Cloud Service

NextPlane UC Exchange cloud based service
Since UC Exchange runs completely in the cloud, you don’t have to worry about buying, installing and managing any hardware or software.

Policies and Disclaimers

NextPlane UC Exchange policies and disclamers
UC Exchange customers are able to set their own permissions. So by signing up, you are still able to control the type of traffic—whether that’s IM, voice, video or file transfers—that should be allowed and denied across your business network and collaborative communities.
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Management Portal

NextPlane UC Exchange Federation Management Portal
UC Exchange provides a secure Management Portal for UC administrators where they can quickly provision their domains for federation, manage federation request workflows with other members and track usage.
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Secure 24×7 Service

NextPlane UC Exchange is a secure and scalable service
The exchange is a secure, scalable service, with guaranteed 24/7 support.
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