UC Exchange Overview

The Network is the Business

In 1984, John Gage, from Sun Microsystems, coined the phrase “The Network is the Computer” to describe the emerging world of distributed computing.

Today, NextPlane believes “The Network is the Business” where real-time communications is at the heart of the networked businesses, and Unified Communications (UC) promises real-time collaboration with strategic business partners.

The Challenges of UC Collaboration

While the actual process of federating – trusting a partner’s – may take you minutes, the workflow that your partner organizations have implemented around external collaboration is often cumbersome and can be foreign to you.

Then, there is the issue of finding the right collaboration czar in your partner organizations.

The reality is business units hold the relationship with partners – not you. But to establish any type of UC federation, even “like-to-like” ones, you need to contact the other organization’s UC czar. Once you have found the right people on the other side, you have to get them to agree to configure their UC platform and go through their approval process so your employees can collaborate with theirs. This, believe it or not, can take considerable time.

It gets even more complicated when you are asked to establish federation with a partner that has a different UC platform than yours.

Finally, sooner or later, your management will want to measure the impact of real-time collaboration on productivity.

UC Exchange Community

UC Exchange is the world’s fastest growing community of “federation-ready” organizations. It represents networked businesses that have built real-time collaborative business communities around their UC platforms. Members of UC Exchange include leading companies from energy, pharmaceutical, financial services, automotive, hi-tech, legal, media, publishing, consulting and manufacturing industries.

Currently UC Exchange is servicing more than 250,000 federated end-users, across 500+ unique corporate domains, exchanging over a billion federated presence and chat messages a month.

The UC Exchange Services

NextPlane UC Exchange features
The UC Exchange community is powered by a scalable any-to-any B2B UC collaboration service that includes UC, Yahoo, Google Hangouts, and Social Media federations.

With the NextPlane UC Exchange you only need to federate once regardless of the number of partners in your business network. UC Exchange resides in the middle as an exchange providing presence, chat and multi-user chat capabilities between the employees of federated organizations. It takes care of the interoperability complexities across incompatible UC environments.

The UC Exchange UC Phonebook is a secure, centralized database containing highly reliable, validated and accurate contact information based on the employee profiles that are automatically updated by the participating companies.

Any-to-Any UC Collaboration

NextPlane UC Exchange Interoperable Unified Communication Federation solution
UC Exchange supports a wide range of UC platforms including Microsoft Office 365, Lync 2013 and 2010, OCS 2007 R1 and R2, LCS 2005; IBM Sametime; Cisco WebEx Messenger, Unified Presence Server (CUPS), and Jabber XCP; BroadSoft UC-One; Unify OpenScape; Google Apps, Jive OpenFire, Ezuce Open UC, and Isode M-link – with many more to come.

Scalable Cloud Service

NextPlane UC Exchange cloud based service
Since UC Exchange runs completely in the cloud, there is no hardware or software to buy, install, and manage.

Policies and Disclaimers

NextPlane UC Exchange policies and disclamers
UC Exchange policy enforcement features give organizations control over the type of traffic (IM, presence and file transfer) that should be allowed or denied across their business network and collaborative communities.

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Management Portal

NextPlane UC Exchange Federation Management Portal
UC Exchange provides a secure Management Portal for UC Administrators where they can quickly provision their domains for federation, manage federation request workflows with other members and track usage.
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Secure 24×7 Service

NextPlane UC Exchange is a secure and scalable service
UC Exchange provides a secure, scalable service with guaranteed 24×7 service.
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