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Over 75 percent of UC deployment initiatives, as revealed by a global survey of business leaders, fail due to lack of user adoption. As a result, enterprise users are using a variety of 3rd party communication tools, such as Slack, What’s App, Telegram, Skype and Google Hangouts for external communications, leaving the companies susceptible to security violations.

Analysts predict by 2018, about half of companies (46%) say they will need greater automation to handle the volume of tasks being generated by increasingly complex applications. By 2020, nearly 9 out of 10 companies (86%) will hit that breaking point.

Other surveys show 91% of executives say their skilled employees spend too much time on learning intricacies of enterprise applications and not enough time doing their job.

Finally, 94% of executives surveyed say automation will increase demand for soft skills such as collaboration, creative problem solving and communication.

What are these surveys are telling us? Existing Unified Communication tools are not adequate for the rapidly changing nature of work. That is why we developed Maxine!

Maxine is a cloud-based conversational collaboration solution, using a web-based client or mobile device, designed for the collaborative enterprise.

Maxine not only facilitates secure chat and group conversations but is AI and chatbot ready for enabling end-user to use natural language to pull data from enterprise applications from anywhere on any device.

Unlike other Team Collaboration solutions, Maxine was designed grounds up for the collaborative enterprise. The key features include:

  • Chat and presence
  • Group conversations
  • File sharing
  • End-to-end Encryption
  • Universal Connectivity
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Data ownership
  • Usage reporting
  • Unlimited storage
  • Whitelisting & policies
  • Dedicated Instances
  • AI and Chatbot ready
  • Management Portal

Unbounded Collaboration

Maxine enables your employees to work seamlessly on projects, products, and documents with both internal and external colleagues, on different messaging solutions, as if they are on the same platform. No more managing Guest Accounts and rouge federations.

End-to-end Encryption.

Maxine takes the security of your communications seriously. Maxine offers End-to-end encryption for your users. Moreover, Maxine offers TLS-based federation with your partners on Microsoft Skype for Business and O365.

Universal Connectivity

Maxine’s always-on Universal Connectivity supports presence, chat, group chat, and file sharing interoperability with a wide range of UC platforms. Including, Microsoft Office® 365, Skype for Business, Lync 2013 and 2010, Cisco WebEx Messenger, Unified Communication Manager IM and Presence Service, and Expressway; IBM Sametime; Unify OpenScape®; Unify Circuit, BroadSoft UC-One®; and OpenFire, to name a few.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Employees join and leave companies all the time. Maintaining an up-to-date corporate directory is hard, and trying to synchronize it manually with a messaging service is doubly difficult.

SSO helps authenticate users and lets them use one set of login credentials, such as name and password, to access multiple applications. On the back end, SSO logs user activities and monitors user accounts.

As a result, unlike other messaging solutions, Maxine ensures users are authorized through your Active Directory, instead of a directory managed by the messaging service vendor. In other words, users authorization and authentication are handled by you on your Active Directory.

Data Ownership

Maxine allows the enterprises to own their data which includes all the chat messages and files and store them where they want and how they want. Maxine Provides compliance with EU Privacy and Data Protection directives


Maxine allows you to whitelist domains that are permitted to communicate with your users.

Dedicated Instances

Maxine offers dedicated instances for enterprises that have strict security, reliability and performance requirement. Maxine dedicated instances only process your communication traffic.

AI and Chat Bot Ready

As a collaboration solution, Maxine not only facilitates messaging between end-users but also offers chatbots for conversing with enterprise applications to augment tasks from anywhere on any device.

Management Portal

In a single view, you can manage security, policy, and connectivity across Maxine. For additional control, you can also tailor policies and security features.