IT Department Problems: IT Stands Their Ground on Team Collaboration Platforms

As professionals explore new ways to do their jobs, the tools and technologies they adopt can easily go beyond the menu of tools provided by their companies. And when these unsanctioned technologies, such as collaboration tools, fundamentally change the way employees interact and communicate, strong allegiances can form.

In part one of the series, we found that the majority of respondents (63%) expressed loyalty to the technology products they use for their job and nearly half (46%) said they or their team have introduced new technology into their workplace.

But we wanted to go a step further and explore the impact of this trend on IT. Our new report, The Fight to Collaborate Part 2: IT Stands Its Ground, examines the extent of the influx of new technology and tools, as well as how IT is adjusting to this new norm.

Noteable insights include:

  • 82% of IT professionals said end users or teams have push backed on IT or management when the company tried to dictate which collaboration tools should be used.
  • The top risk (79%) identified when employees introduce or use new technologies without IT’s approval is risking the security of the company’s data and information.

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