NextPlane Open Channels

NextPlane Open Channels

A better way to work with people outside your company

NextPlane Open Channels transform how you work along side your partners, vendors, or customers by moving conversations out of siloed email threads and into the same place while staying on your preferred app.

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Get more done in Open Channels

  • Bring communication out of inboxes and into channels, where you can work quickly and collaboratively with outside organizations
  • Strengthen client relationships in channels to provide top-tier enterprise support and drastically decrease response times
  • Send messages and share files in real-time to build collective insights along the way
Guest accounts –A backdoor to your users and network

Join the 400+ companies on NextPlane

NextPlane transforms the way you work alongside your co-workers, partners, vendors, or customers by moving conversations out of siloed collaboration tools and into your Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Cisco Webex.

Join the 400+ companies on NextPlane

How to get started

It only takes a few clicks to start working closely with co-workers, vendors, customers, and more

Invite contacts
1. Add the NextPlane App

Add the NextPlane App to Your Slack workspace

Share presence
2. Add Your Non-Slack Contact

Select the necessary channel. In the list of workspace apps, next to the app representing the necessary contact, click Add.

Send chat messages
3. Wait for Acceptance

The Nextplane app will notify you when your contact accepts your invitation to connect.

Collaborate in Slack channels
4. Post Your Message

In the channel’s message box, compose your welcome message and click Send.