nCore Federation

NextPlane nCore is a secure real-time communications and collaboration service that offers presence, chat, multi-user chat, voice, video, file sharing and desktop sharing capabilities.

Simply put, nCore makes it easy for your end users to collaborate with their external colleagues, freeing them from the delays, challenges and limitations often associated with establishing UC-to-UC federation.

In addition, nCore can extend the reach of your UC platform or service, enabling your users to collaborate with ANY external colleague, even if your partner does not even have a UC platform of their own.

NextPlane nCore connects with over 1,000 organizations, including leading companies from the energy, pharmaceutical, financial services, automotive, high-tech, legal, media, publishing, consulting and manufacturing industries.

NextPlane nCore comes with built-in secure integration with Microsoft Office® 365, Skype for Business, Lync 2013 and Lync 2010, OCS 2007 R2; Cisco WebEx Messenger, Unified Communication Manager IM and Presence Service, and Jabber XCP; IBM Sametime; Unify OpenScape®; BroadSoft UC-One®; GENBAND EXPERiUS; and OpenFire.

As a result, once your partners signup with nCore, it puts an unprecedented click-to-chat and click-to-call functionality in hands of your end users, as they’re able to connect with their with external colleagues right within their native UC clients.

UC federation allows you to seamlessly chat with external colleagues regardless of their underlying UC platforms.

Why consider the nCore Alternative?

NextPlane nCore offers a pain-free alternative to the challenges traditionally associated with establishing UC federation. The service provides numerous benefits, including:

Simplicity – Users and their external colleagues can add each other to their respective contact lists using their email addresses. Once they’re connected, they’ll be able to see each other’s presence states immediately.

Functionality – Users can easily collaborate with their external colleagues using presence, chat, multi-user chat, voice, video, file sharing and desktop sharing.

Security – All conversations, audio calls and video calls are protected by strong authentication and encryption. You won’t have to worry about mission-critical data going through a public service or opening your company to phishing attacks aimed at unsuspecting end users, either.

Control – Using UC Exchange’s secure Management Portal, you can easily manage your nCore federations. The portal also allows you to set policies that designate which users are able to communicate with specific external partner domains, as well as the type of communications that can be used (e.g. chat, voice or video).

Turnkey – nCore is a turnkey service. There’s nothing to download, install or configure. Your users’ external peers do not have to engage their IT departments in order to setup or use the service—which means users can begin collaborating quickly.

Free – nCore is free of charge to UC Exchange members and your UC users’ external colleagues

For more information on the nCore Federation Service please contact our team.