FAQ regarding Messaging and UC Federation transition for AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) Users


When is AOL discontinuing their messaging platform?

The AIM platform will be decommissioned on December 15th 2017. In order to maintain connectivity to your AIM contacts we encourage them to move over to Nextplane Maxine by December 1st 2017. For information on the AOL announcement, please refer to this notice.

What does this mean for end-users?

By AOL discontinuing all versions of their AIM instant messaging services, users on AOL AIM will NO LONGER be able to communicate with other users.

Are there any messaging options?

Nextplane provides an option for AOL AIM users to continue to communicate with their contacts, including contacts using Microsoft Skype for Business, even after AOL decommissions the AIM service. Nextplane will work closely with customers to transition AIM users to Nextplane Maxine.

What does Nextplane need in order to facilitate this transition?

You need to ask your contacts and trading partners on AOL AIM to consider one the following messaging services listed above:

  • Nextplane Maxine
  • CME Group Pivot
  • Thomson Reuters Eikon Messenger

What is Nextplane Maxine?

Maxine is a cloud-based conversational communication service that enables secure messaging using a web-based client or mobile device. Maxine seamlessly and easily enables users to exchange information and sharing of presence not only with other Maxine users, but also to communicate with colleagues on Microsoft Skype for Business, Lync 2013, and Lync 2010.

As a communication solution, Maxine not only facilitates messaging but is chat bot ready for conversing with enterprise applications to augment tasks from anywhere. Maxine key features include:

  • Group conversations
  • File sharing
  • Sharing presence
  • Single Sign-On
  • Chatbot ready with API integration
  • Dedicated data storage and ownership
  • Dedicated instance with Vanity domains

Is Maxine available today? How soon can users migrate to Maxine?

Yes, Maxine is available today. Contact Nextplane to schedule user account activation(s).

Can you get a list of your trading partners on AIM?

Yes, Nextplane can provide you with AIM addresses of your trading partners. To help with the transition, we need their email addresses if different than their AIM address.

Where do you download Maxine, is there a mobile version?

Maxine has a Web-based Client, so there is no need to download it.

What are the advantages of moving to Maxine?

Secure and reliable, Maxine guarantees message delivery between contacts that are using the network without relying on public channels. Additionally, Maxine offers:

  • Single Sign-On
  • Chatbot ready with API integration
  • Dedicated data storage and ownership
  • Dedicated instance with Vanity domains

Is Maxine a secure messaging solution?

Yes, all messages between Nextplane Maxine and your federated contacts and partners regardless of their platform are encrypted and completely secure.

Are there limits on the number of contacts you can have in Maxine? Or numbers of messages?

No, there are no limits on usage for Maxine.

Who do I contact for support of Maxine if there is an issue?

You can contact Nextplane support for more information on Maxine.