The Future of Work Is a Shift Away From Cookie Cutter Workplace

Did you know that as of 2016, about 43% of Americans worked remotely? These statistics obviously would’ve increased significantly given the three years gap. There is a whole lot that makes this a significant progress in the business world but first let’s compare the two eras. In the past times, it didn’t seem like anything was lacking. It did feel like businesses were at the peak of their digital game. Of course, there were landlines, emails and having face to face meetings couldn’t get better. The thing about technologists is that they are innovative thinkers constantly looking for ways to better human functions. So, here we were thinking that life couldn’t get any better and technology kept proving the idea wrong. When you compare what was to what the millennials or the Gen Z have now, the difference is clear.

What we have now is an era of digital innovation where options for communication and collaboration are unlimited. The rate at which this improvement harnesses the workplace functions is mind-blowing. Coupled with their productive potentials, it is best for dealing with customers. The new generation seems to have adopted these technological improvements giving businesses the best avenue for successfully reaching out to them. To relate those days to today and seeing that there is a brighter future with more innovations is surreal. The future in the business world is sure miles away from the cookie-cutter workplace we knew.

The Improved Digital Business Era and Innovative Thinking

It’s exciting to see all these changes happen at one time. Collaboration options are through the roof. Technologies have advanced video calling, chat, text, messaging and emailing options. It is no doubt that there is more to come. The workplace is now a priming ground for digital minds which is creating more innovative thinking. People are ready to push themselves through limits to get the work done and in an improved way. When you compare what enterprises had and did before this era, the difference is also clear. For example, team collaboration did exist in the old times but their options were limited. Workers would have to drag themselves off to a board room for face to face meetings. In the case of passing information around, the communication options were so limited that team leaders would have to contact each member before an advancement. It is quite tiring and time-wasting. When you calculate the time loss to earning potential of the companies then, there is a huge loss. 

Team Collaboration and Effective Communication

Today, what was once lost seems to have been recovered. Digital communication and collaboration has improved significantly and communication is now fluid. Companies seem to be making up for lost time and in addition to the existing efficiency, they probably would soon catch up. Team collaboration today is like a walk in the park, if not easier. The flow and real-time communication involved makes it almost unnecessary to meet up face to face. With video conferencing and fast file-sharing options, projects can be completed without a team meeting up even once. If you ask, we think this digital workplace era is here to stay. An era embracing true communication on different channels. 

As easy as it does seem, it is also a wakeup call for managers, who have the heavy work cut out for them. They have to act as the center of workplace communication, ensuring that all the digital tools are used in the right way to enhance business functions. They also have the hard job of building their team collaboration beyond the realms of technology.

Attracting Specialist with Remote Communication

There is no limit to what communication today is doing. It is evident that remote communication is on the rise. With this, companies are not restricted by geographical limitations to find the best talents. A company in the US can have a worker all the way from anywhere in the world. As long as they are getting the best talent, it is no problem. Remote Communication tools like the VoIP, video conferencing and chat options have created a seamless remote work option for businesses. This is not only restricted to remote workers. With the in-house employees, work functions are now in an unbroken chain because of remote communication. 

Final Thoughts

We are now seeing a time when workplace communication is constantly improving with constantly improving communication features. Project managers and creative teams now have the very best tool to be a part of every project development. Now that the limitations on communication are eradicated, it is now left for companies to create a space that further promotes free communication and expression. The future of the workplace is very promising. Try not to limit your options with the past.

Published 12/6/19