Melissa Abramson
AUTHOR: Melissa Abramson
Sep 16, 2019 - 5 min read

The Future Of Business Communications: The Trends Shaping It

Communication remains an essential part of any business. It is considered as the pivot on which businesses rotate. Remote employees, partners and customers aswell as associates are people who need to be communicated with from time to time.

Thanks to the emergence of new technology, internal communications aswell as communication with customers have now been revolutionized for better results.

Rapid advancements in technology keeps introducing new trends and communication providers are ensuring that teams can collaborate seamlessly across frontiers, making it easy to relate with other branches, partner with new clients and expand their coverage within and outside their operational base.

IP telephony was introduced a few years ago and it was embraced as a top improvement in business communication. Today, technology has moved at a speed of light and communication in the business world has benefitted much.

Below are the top communication trends of 2019


Have you ever had a chat with a customer service team at an off-peak period and you received prompt responses to your queries and issues? That’s what a Chatbot is.

They are automated services that have been programmed to respond to thousands of people at once, something humans can’t achieve.

Lots of businesses have already adopted Chatbots and with the aid of machine learning, they are becoming more intelligent. The machine learning helps them develop a sharper intuition with every engagement. 

Artificial intelligence

Also known as AI, the technology is at the vanguard of the communication revolution, gaining momentum on a daily basis. Future predictions also reveal that a lot of jobs would be replaced by a form of AI in the near future.

Bixby, the AI concept specially created for Samsung smartphone is a great example. Based on the voice prompts of the user, its workings are similar to a Chatbot and it has the ability to search the web, look out for a contact in the phone directory aswell as complete other tasks within the phone.

Today, software solutions like this mobile device’s functionality have now been integrated to business communications and they perform more complex tasks.

Applications powered by AI can now be used for remote communication processes for better internal communications aswell as with partners and clients.

4K Image Resolutions

This is one of the latest trends in the world of technology and it isn’t limited to business communication only. Sony’s popular video game, Play Station also introduced the PS4 pro that produces a 4k image quality for a better experience.

Unlike a couple of years ago where 4k video calls were only available on a few conferencing platforms like Cisco and at a very stratospheric price, today, this resolution that provides images at least, 8 million pixels is becoming largely available across platforms.

Products that are budget conscious in the range of 400-700 dollars, fully equipped with a 4k capability have now been produced by renowned manufacturers like LG and Dell. These products now provide a qualitatively new level of communication among businesses today.

Cloud Services

The concept of cloud computing isn’t a new movement but it’s being reinvented in several upgraded formats that makes it somewhat trendy in business communication. 

With the prominence of cyberattacks that have cost businesses and organizations a lot in terms of data and valuables, cloud storage is considered safer compared to standard data centres.

As a matter of fact in terms of convenience, retrieving and transferring data from a cloud storage is also less difficult compared to physical storage. This is due to the fact that the lowest possible amount of network resources is required aswell as the processor power of your network device.

This is very crucial especially when the transfer of capacitive traffic is involved, for instance, a content with media files or when executing large scale VoIP networks.

One of the best solutions of such services which provides a substantial cloud storage capacity of at least I terabyte per user is the Microsoft Sharepoint Online.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Looking for the best ways to expand your client base catchment? These two technologies are surely a valuable means to that end. 

Virtual and Augmented Reality are allowing people not only observe the virtual environment, they also represent a fascinating concept that makes them feel a part of it. The beauty of the VR (Virtual Reality) and the AR (Augmented reality) have also been extended to business communication.

A great example of these new trends can be found in Heathrow Airport. Their virtual reality service allows passengers observe the entire geography of the airport from their smartphones, and the idea is that it prevents them from an aimless wander trying to locate where they are headed.

This is quite small compared to the capabilities of VR and how much it can aid business communication. In advertising for instance, the VR can be utilized when talking to a new clients about the business. It makes a much more lasting impression in the minds of the users compared to what a TV can provide.

In the tech and business world, VR and AR are considered as the most immersive communications technology since the movies. It is particularly beneficial for charities and non-profit organizations because it puts the viewer right in the mix and has a high persuasive ability to foster strong emotional connections and change perspectives.

The new trends in the business world today are no longer considered as the future but rather, the present. The organizations that have adopted them have witnessed a massive improvement in their relationship with clients, intra-workplace relationship aswell as overall productivity.

Organizations that haven’t adopted these new trends according to the experts run the risk of falling behind the pack. From reduced business expenses to a much more convenient operational approach, these digital trends have numerous advantages.

The most interesting aspect of the new trends in communication like the Chatbots, VR and AR is that they reduce the reliance on human resources. They work as directed and are not prone to errors and mistakes.