Taking Team Collaboration Beyond Technologies

The biggest mistake some Team Administrators make is to rely their business team collaboration solely on technologies. There was a time when technology was a myth and team collaboration still flourished. With a team whose collaboration relies solely on technology, almost everything could go wrong. Don’t get us wrong, team collaboration with technology is the dream but, what makes a good business manager or team admin is being able to grow his team with a collaboration that remains strong beyond technology. Is this even possible? Let’s show you.

Nemertes Research found that about half the population of companies in the U.S. now use team collaboration software. This basically means that unified communications and collaboration is growing in the business scene. It is a good thing for the business world but let’s bring it down to your business. Now, you have tirelessly pushed for team growth through UC and it finally happens. Your teamwork tirelessly through this UC software and one day, there is a system crash. What happens? The truth is that most IT administrators and team managers would be left in disarray until the system is back up. This would only lead to a decline in daily productivity and no business can thrive on that for over a long period of time. So, how does a business team stay strong beyond the technologies? One word, “Strategy”.

Building Team Collaboration Strategies

The truth is that Technology cannot be completely evicted from team collaboration strategies. So, as a good manager, your team collaboration strategies should cover both with technological and without technology. We’ll be giving you a list of social strategies to add to your existing technological collaboration strategies.

Strategies for Team collaboration Beyond Technology 

There is a whole lot of work to be done in this area but it is 100% attainable. Here is a list of how you can strategize to create a stronger team collaboration.

1. Creating a Supportive Environment for Team Collaboration 

Division of Labor has been one of the core business values from time. This is because it has proven to be the best way to enhance higher productivity. A good team manager should create a space where team collaboration is the core value. They should also create a space where employees are not hesitant to face themselves and get the work done.

2. Avoid Micromanaging your Teams

One of the teams limiting acts some managers do is to micromanage their teams. If you fit your team into a non-creative box, you would be creating a collection of zombies rather than a group of bright minds who use their innovative thinking to push the company forward.

3. Cultivate a Reward System

An employee or team reward system is the best way to motivate your workers. This all boils down to two factors. The first being that they would have something to strive and work hard towards and the second is that they feel that their hard work is appreciated. A reward system doesn’t always necessarily need to be a grand gift. It can be constant compliments for hard work. These would go a long way to harness the strength of your team collaboration.

4. Find those Collaboration Barriers and Eliminate them

In every team collaboration, there is always something that proves to hinder the constant flow of teamwork. The biggest one of them all is not creating a safe space for employee feedback and free speech. When the members of your team do not feel free to express themselves, then you have a problem. There would not be as much progress as you should be getting. Your team members should feel free to talk to any company executive to meet the team goal. Most times, it has to start from you. Also, try and create a social space where team members can speak to each other informally. This would improve communication and more communication means more progress.

Technology seems to have made people forget about working on social skills. To keep your establishment running, you have to work on both the technological collaboration skills and the social team collaboration. Make good use of these strategies we have highlighted and build your team today. 

Published 12/11/19