Impact of Old Enterprise Technology in a New Year on Your Productivity

Change they say is constant, everything on earth has to follow that rule. This isn’t limited to our personal lives, it (to a large extent) affect the way we make use of technology in business. There is a purpose for every new technology launched in the market; for every updated product there is a new problem it solves which why sticking to older brands might not be the best idea after all. Some may be keen to dismiss the idea of frequently changing their old tech products to new ones associating their reasons to money factor, hence the new technologies are expensive. The point is, when you assess the gains and the financial requirement, you notice that the kind of programming given to it is meant to solve a problem the old version cannot even get close to solving. So, with that kind of innovation, where should be a slight change in price.

But if you are still bent on sticking to the old ways, remember, there are implications to such action and none of them are pleasant. Below, we have listed some of the impact old enterprise technology can have on users as well as their production level. 

1. It Outdates the Newer Version

Let’s take an OS as an example, when your computer OS is outdated there are some obvious loopholes you will start experiencing at that moment especially when it comes to its performance. This usually happens when there is a new update. If you are too slow to upgrade, there are possibilities you might not be getting the full service as it ought to be getting. 

2. It will always slow you Down

New versions are always faster and better than the old one, that has always been the norm. You are not a smart professional if you still work with your old tech equipment. If you happen to make yourself a permanent resident of the old school, then your competitors will have to leverage on that to overtake you in the business. They will simply increase their speed of attending to customers and gain their trust while you stick around struggling to meet up.

3. Repairs Don’t Last

As the saying goes, “you can’t beat a dead horse”. When a version of a particular technology is outdated, no amount of repair can make it compete with the current version, which is why it is advised that you make an overhaul change of the equipment instead of wasting useful resources trying to repair it to measure up to the newer version. This is what the English prefer calling “Penny wise, pound foolish”.

4. Security Loopholes

Using old technology makes you vulnerable, it exposes you to outside threat. Once there are now versions, it is advised you make an update immediately because there has been a flop in the old version which can only be corrected in the new one. As it stands, over 10,000 new malware threat is discovered every hour. So, if you are still yet to upgrade to the next version, there are possibilities it can be infected the next hour, hence affecting productivity level. 

5. System Crash

There is every possibility that you are going to have a constant system crash should you continue making use of the old version. There are a lot of factors that can make a system crash without a warning, and one of them is the presence of malware and viruses. Such things always find their way to the system when it is running on an outdated software version. So if you don’t want to wake up in the morning to see your files are all gone, always endeavor to run an update. That way, it will keep your business safe while your productivity level remains intact.

Finally, in business, never you be “a chip from the old block”, move with the trend. Explore new territories, new ideas, as well as new technologies. That way, you will get to solve the problems of your clients faster and with ease while increasing productivity.

Published 03/6/20