How Twilio and Be My Eyes is Bringing Team Collaboration to the Visually Impaired

Just recently, Twilio announced its partnership with the Be My Eyes Brand. Twilio is one of the giants in the cloud communication solutions market. Be My Eyes, on the other hand, is an app that assists visually impaired people to use smartphones. This partnership for many reasons is expected to bring a big break to the unified communications landscape.

According to WHO, there are approximately 300 million visually impaired persons across the globe. While 14% amongst these are totally blind, 76% have low vision. Statistics also show that the visually impaired have a 39% labour force participation rate. With the increased campaigns against discrimination of the disabled, the numbers will definitely rise.

How Be My Eyes Work in Team Collaborations For the Visually Impaired 

Be My Eyes is not just a mobile app but also a global community. It comprises of sighted volunteers, company representatives and visually impaired users. Through live video communication, the sighted and visually impaired work together. The sighted assists the impaired to handle a wide range of tasks and challenges. 

Be My Eyes app is supported by Google, Microsoft and Lloyds banking. As a result, specialist services like banking, shopping, booking of tickets can be provided. Visually impaired users can get directions, check labels, distinguish colors or select outfits. It provides opportunities for volunteers to render assistance. Some companies use the special help feature to assist their visually impaired users. 

The Be My Eyes app is quite simple to use. The single control button for connectivity takes up most of the screen. Volunteers on the other hand, only have to leave the app running in the background. With a double-tap, the visually impaired is connected to a sighted user. With the high-resolution camera, the volunteer can view the impaired user’s surroundings. If a volunteer fails to respond to a call in 10 seconds, it will be redirected to another.

The Twilio powered Be My eyes is set to enhance user experience in the following ways;

Increased Personal Independence 

Continuous dependence on family and friends can sometimes put strains on relationships. There are millions of volunteers available from across the globe to provide assistance. Thus, the visually impaired do not always have to depend on friends to do simple tasks. There is always a volunteer to render the desired assistance on this video chat platform. So, help is always available for every connected user.

Be My Eyes is proof that the Internet can bring to the table unimaginable benefits. In this case, it brings sight to the visually impaired in their home’s comfort. Hence, empowering them to live more independent lives.

Speed of Service Delivery 

Seamless video connections are vital for this system to function effectively. When rendering assistance, the pace of delivery is fundamental. The Twilio-powered Be My Eyes can boast of speedy service delivery. Since this partnership, there has been a remarkable 50% decrease in connection time. It implies that users can get assistance at faster rates than before.  

There are more volunteers than visually impaired users. Therefore, users in need of assistance would not be kept waiting unnecessarily. Be my eyes aims at providing assistance within the very minute requests are made. 90% of connections are now being made within 30 seconds. Apparently, team collaborations for the visually impaired have been set on an accelerating scale. 


Be My eyes has over 3 million volunteers and over 178,000 visually impaired users. The volunteers have global coverage spanning about 150 countries with over 180 languages. The system utilizes synthetic speech and Touch-based smartphone accessibility features. The service is available to every Android and iOS user for free at every hour of the day. 

The customer service teams at Google, P&G and Microsoft use this technology for their users. Due to its utility and impact, Be My Eyes has a growing partners list of companies. As the list increases, so does its usefulness in the collaboration world. 

Final Thoughts

The Twilio powered app is creating a useful impact at an enormous scale. It overcomes many of the hurdles of visual impairment. It also provides them with opportunities to be more engaged with the world. In the long run, it could encourage more corporate employments of the visually impaired. The union between these two industry giants will make the goals of collaboration more attainable.

Published 03/2/20