Melissa Abramson
AUTHOR: Melissa Abramson
Aug 5, 2019 - 5 min read

How OneDrive Will Make Your Microsoft Team Migration Easier

There is only one firm taking the collaboration world by storm and it’s Microsoft. Microsoft Teams is so phenomenal It’s crushing Microsoft’s fastest-growing software award. Microsoft Teams is highly reliant on SharePoint as one of the means through which different data are stored. Migrating data over to the cloud has been a difficult task for many users. Giving users a better experience has always been the goal of Microsoft. Thus, file migrations have become much easier today and you need to learn how.

OneDrive is Microsoft’s solution to user’s data migration problems. It has been described as an online cloud storage service. It has so much space to store your files for free. OneDrive used to be known as SkyDrive. If you are using an older windows version, your not so equivalent version of OneDrive is SkyDrive.

A simple description of OneDrive is a large memory hard drive in the cloud. It offers free storage space of about 5GB and subscription fees for larger spaces. You would definitely find a subscription plan that suits you. Recommending OneDrive to friends could earn you up to 10GB of extra free storage. The clause attached to using OneDrive is that each file you host should not be larger than 15GB.

What makes One Drive Perfect for Migrations on Microsoft Team?

Many devices can use OneDrive

OneDrive works with Windows 10 which is the most used PC operating system in the world. The use of OneDrive is not limited to PCs alone. The OneDrive app was developed for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. This means it is not impossible to install the app on all your devices. This will help ease your migrations from various sources and sync them easily for you.

You can sync files in OneDrive too

It’s not enough to be able to access your OneDrive account of different devices. What makes it more unique is the ability to sync all file back-ups from different devices. Your settings, customization options would be the same on all devices. Themes saved passwords and browsing history are no exceptions. So you do not have to set up over and again each time you log in with a new device. This makes it possible to enjoy the same user experience on different devices.

Accessibility of files

OneDrive is not some space where you just store data you cannot view in the long run. Every file or folder you store on this space can be easily accessed if and when you want. The wide compatibility of OneDrive feature enhances the accessibility of your files. This means that from every device connected to your OneDrive account, you can easily access your files.

Back-ups can be automated

New Folder protection is a Microsoft feature on OneDrive that handles this task. It will automatically sync documents, pictures and folders to OneDrive. Using multiple devices does not limit this function. OneDrive will still backup and keep all your folders in sync. Enabling this feature is simple; you would find the ‘AutoSave’ tab and ‘update folders’ button under settings. This one drive feature is the key to a far easier data syncing.

Files can be easily shared

Emails have been and are still useful in accomplishing this task. However, OneDrive makes this process much easier. Since all your files have been stored online, sharing of data shouldn’t online take no extra effort. You can choose to share the files directly or share links to the files. All it takes is a few clicks here and there and your data would be shared instantly. If you are more familiar with using emails to share the data, you would find this process more reliable. File duplication which is very common with file sharing via emails has a less likelihood of occurring.

Sensitive business files can be stored in isolation

This is common when you use Microsoft office 365 SharePoint solution with OneDrive. You can create a personal site on the SharePoint site collection in the Office 365 environment. This personal site can only be accessed by you. This gives you the opportunity to store, edit and share the files when you choose. These files can be shared with only selected personnel.

You can create albums in the cloud

The files you store on OneDrive don’t have to be messy and confusing. You can sort out files, rearrange them, rename them, change their location and so much more. Thus, you can create and maintain order in this space. Whenever you access these files, you’ll find it easy to trace whatever you need.

Privacy and security

Everything you store on one drive is private. You have exclusive access to your files unless you decide to share. When you share, you get to decide what to share and what not to. Who you share, there are options to help you protect your data. ” view only”, “edit” “forward” “download” “rename” are available options. You get to decide what happens to the files you share. You must agree that it’s a huge worry off your palms.

Offline access

Wireless internet connections may not be guaranteed just anywhere you go. You could have fluctuations in services that would affect the flow of your work. Is there a way to access your files when you have no internet? OneDrive lets you sync selected files or folders on cloud storage. The settings menu lets you choose those you want to access offline. If you have a presentation or a meeting, this feature would save you in many ways.

Now What?

OneDrive has proven to be a great solution to data migration issues. The awesome features and the ease of use are enough reasons to choose OneDrive. OneDrive is indeed more affordable than many others. One more reason to trust OneDrive is its developer -Microsoft. No one knows about cloud storage services better than Microsoft. That’s why they always give the best. That’s what OneDrive is all about, providing you with the best online cloud storage.