Dropbox Is About To Diversify Into Collaborative Workspace

Dropbox has always been a work buddy when it comes to cloud file storage sharing. Recently, the cloud company announced its diversification into the collaborative workspace. According to the Dropbox Chief Customer Officer, Yamini Rangan, the new launch into collaborative and Unified Communication market is aimed at winning the hearts and minds of business organizations in no time. What does this launch mean for Dropbox? How would it go further to change the collaborative functions in the workplace? Is there a chance that Dropbox would make as much impact and really win the hearts of businesses?

Overcoming the Pre-existing Perception

As much as people want change, the truth is that most people are hesitant in accepting it. For years now, Dropbox has been in the consumer market as a cloud storage and sharing partner. It is no surprise that there would be a struggle trying to change the public perception of their services. This is more crucial especially at this moment when they seek to break into the business world. In an exclusive interview, Yamini Rangan acknowledged that the pre-existing perception is completely mismatched from their transformation to a business collaborative work tool. This perception has not been a hindrance to Dropbox as they are still set to launch it big. According to a Dropbox customer survey, 25% of their 600 million users use it in the business or enterprise sector. With this knowledge, they are taking advantage of these statistics to tap into the market and optimistically expand from there.

What Collaborative Tools does Dropbox Offer

It is no NEWS that collaboration is the new business trend. The advantages it offers to enterprises are immense and businesses are tapping into it. The statistics are ever increasing and it is only natural that Dropbox would look to launch into that space. The question now becomes “what special feature does Dropbox offer to set them apart from other collaborative platforms?”. Obviously, Dropbox aims at making brands choose them over other collaborative platforms. What unique tool are they offering?

In addition to their file-sharing service, the Dropbox space launched new features that aim to aid in collaborative workspaces where business work teams can work together in an integrated platform that makes the work easier and faster. These features, in addition to the pre-existing file share features as well as calendars synchronization, would bring about better communications and ease of management in the workplace. It would also be possible to make comments on files directly which would further aid communication. Asides these features, Dropbox plans to also feature other tools like Trello, HelloSign, and Paper. 

It doesn’t just stop there. The transforming cloud platform also announced their intent at integration. If you have been following in on workspace integration in the business scene, you should know the valuable asset integration is to businesses. If Dropbox releases their unified communication platform, there is a very high chance that they would be making it big like other UC  platforms in the business world. We’ll get to that later on.

Speaking of integration, Dropbox announced its intending integration with G Suite, Microsoft office, Zoom, and Slack. While trying to launch their integration and collaboration platform, Dropbox is still furthering their initial cloud sharing feature. They recently updated their cloud file sharing feature with a Dropbox transfer tool which further aid file sharing and mitigate some of the existing share limitations. 

Dropbox Collaborative Diversification and How it would impact the Business Scene

Like every platform that offers unified communication or collaboration in the business environment, Dropbox would be saving time, money and improving work efficiency. Let’s not forget that as a cloud storage system, your files are backed up in a safe place and retrievable in the event of a system crash. What this basically means is that all your business services can be rendered through Dropbox. 

Being a consumer-based client first, there is a high chance that your services would meet the needs of your business service consumer also. The impact Dropbox is about to make is just as much as what other collaborative and software integration platforms are offering but as time goes on, there is a chance that more tools would be added to make a further impact. According to The Dropbox CEO and Founder, Drew Houston, they have realized the perception customers have for Dropbox and what they use it for, including the existing Dropbox partner program Office Suites. This knowledge triggered a mental shift in the kind of product they choose to build in order to make business operations better. 

With the improvements seen from Dropbox over time, it is evident that they have been aimed at making users experience better. With the changes made on Dropbox Business, business managers and IT admins would find their work easier to handle. The Collaborative Workspace would only be an icing on the cake in terms of business management. IT admins would now be able to monitor and review performances given the level of control the system offers. Staff and teams can be reviewed through the activity page. They can also make quick actions unlike without the collaborative platform. Dropbox sure has some future updates that would ensure more prioritized and highlighted user activity. 

Perceived Future of Dropbox After their Entry into the Collaborative Workspace

In all honesty, Dropbox has a very large work cut out for them. In our opinion, the hardest part would be changing the existing perception of their software. After this, the transition would be a smooth one just as long as they are willing to continue making improvements that would aid better management. 

With insight from their revelations, it is apparent that the Dropbox company has taken its time to weigh their opportunities and strategize. Making use of their existing users to introduce their expansion is the best decision they can make. They are also willing to grab opportunities to educate businesses on the value that Dropbox is adding to their enterprise, says Rangan. 

With the user-friendly platform, to the makers looking for ways to better management in the business world, Dropbox sure has a promising future with their collaborative entry.

Published 11/27/19