Covid19: 5 Tips to Work Remotely and Stay Healthy

Gone are the days when remote working is typical of just mothers who want to spend more time with their kids and adventurers exploring the world. The rapid-fire spread of Covid19 has made fortune 500 companies like Amazon, Twitter, JPMorgan, Microsoft, Chevron, Google, and Spotify mandate their employees to work from home. For those who are used to the structured traditional office working experience, this may seem daunting.

If it is your first time doing your office routine in a less structured, informal environment like your home, you might be confronted with the need to ensure your productivity level remains intact while dealing with the various distractions from your immediate environment. Do not fret as you can be as productive as ever while working remotely. What do you need to do?

Create a Work Routine

While you were working in an office, you are used to waking up with your alarm clock at a certain time, making coffee, going for a jog, feeding your pet and then commuting to work. If you want to create the same feeling while working from home, you need to start your day right. Create a schedule for all your activities and go through with it. 

Do not only create an elaborate plan, stick with it. For instance, you might be tempted to perform a task meant to be done on Monday by Tuesday because you are in your comfort zone. However, when you have thoroughly plan your day and calculate how much time each task would take before jumping into them, the routine becomes easier and you are as productive as ever. 

Build an Office Atmosphere 

Your home is your comfort zone and your job might be affected by all the distractions. The key to working from home seamlessly is to recreate the office feeling that is most convenient for you. If you are the type who is used to working in a cubicle 9-5, create a corner in your home with a similar setting. The same goes for managers with a corner office in any organization. 

It is important to stress that there will always be distractions, whether it is your neighbor’s dog barking, your kid shouting or constant pop-ups from your social media accounts. Concentrating on the task at hand without your manager breathing down your neck requires that you keep your office space at home as structured, formal and professional as possible. Be self-discipline and do not get too comfortable.

Establish Work-Life Balance

It is not all about work, it is important to take regular breaks just like you do in your office. Regular breaks from your desk ensure that you don’t burn out quickly and get more done for a long time. Food and water are necessities for survival and fresh air would do you a world of good. 

When you work extra-time at your 9-5, you get paid for it. Since you are not going to be paid for the extra 30 minutes you will spend, do not be too carried away by your work that you forget to “close” for the day. More importantly, sitting all day is not good for your health.

Consistently Connect and Communicate with your Team

Communication is vital for the survival of any organization. There are so many tools available to keep in contact with your colleagues and other team members. You can try video conferencing instead of an email to create that feeling of physical social interactions. Isolation makes working from home boring, so, set aside a time for communication. Keep your manager constantly updated with your progress.

Aside from communications about work, online communities of like-minded individuals can make up for lack of interaction with your best friends or colleagues at work. Discussing your day with people close to you can also reduce loneliness and mental sapping effect of working alone.

Work in Batches

Multitasking might seem like a great thing to do get much done but in the long run, you are less productive. Try focusing on one task at a time by using the routine you already created. Strategically batching your work ensures thoroughness and more completed tasks at the end of the day. Since you work from home, cooking and making a business call at the same might seem cool but it leads to distraction and rookie mistakes. Take advantage of the flexibility of working from home by working base on your personality. If you are most creative in the morning, ensure you do the task that involves creativity first thing you “resume” in your workspace. 

Conclusively, Covid19 pandemic might have forced you to work from home, it does not have to stop you from making the best out of the situation. Have a routine, create workspace, interact with your team and other people, have a life outside your workspace and work smartly.

Published 03/18/20