Collaboration Squared Aims For Improved Human Interaction Via Video Window

Earlier this year, Collaboration Squared – global conference developers had announced the launch of their first-ever video window service. A video window is a technology that allows uninterrupted communication between two persons at different geo-locations. Unlike the normal video conferencing as we know it, the Video Window does not need some kind of settings or URL to get it working. Also, unlike the conventional conference call as we know it, the video window is a 24 hours visual device that improves term participation, performance, and eliminate physical boundaries.

According to the CEO of Collaboration Squared – Daryl Hutchings who expressed his company’s strong belief in the development and improvement of human interaction by his company. He also stated that the company wants to use the brand to encourage both individual and term participation by making them feel more connected emotionally. The main idea behind the creation of the video window according to Daryl was to shift a little bit away from the traditional method of video conferencing. It will further simplify the way and method communication takes place across modern offices. 

Over the years, video window users have witnessed how it feels to use the rectangular type of a video conferencing viewer screen, so as it stands it is high time they are introduced to the public something out of the traditional method; the portrait type of video window. Introducing the video window gives you a better experience of personal communication, it makes the individual on the screen look more like he is standing close to you. 

The company (collaboration Squared) explained that the video window portrait mode is very suitable for socializing especially in places like canteens, lounge, those areas that require team participate. It can also be used in places multinational business empires when they are conducting a meeting that requires the attention of all the offices in each country.

What to Expect from the Enhanced Video Window

This device comes with the simplest features you can find in the world of video communication technology, the company has also made sure that the video window remained connected to the designated groups and it stays up to the specified hours set by the company administrator. Because it works with the internet, it automatically disconnects as soon as the internet goes off. 

Talking of the simplicity of its feature, the video window doesn’t require any form of scheduling, URL, App download, or user login details to function; all that is required is just a push of the power button and you will be automatically be connected with the audio conference thus join the term. The device also comes with a feature called “know to site” that allows users to make a knocking kind of sound to call the attention of the other side if their side is muted. Corporate privacy was also considered while designing this device, this is exemplified through the inclusion of the “opt-in audio” feature which automatically turns off every audio system for each location until somebody physically turns it on by pressing the “Join” button then audio before the audio comes on up. The overnight sleep mode feature helps reduce both the bandwidth and power consumption, and it can always be configured by the administrator in charge. It has a private timer that automatically turns off every audio/video at a designated time. Once the set time is up, users are automatically reconnected. 

The “Privacy Feature” allows users to set their privacy timers which usually turns off every AV that connects each of them at a particular point in time. But the connection turns back on when the set time is up. The device also has the “Join external meetings” section which helps you access external meeting services using a SIP video dialer, the video dialer will now assist in making sure that the device connects to other rooms from BlueJeans, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, Pexip, Zoom, e.t.c.

Changing the Way that People Collaborate

According to David Maldow, an industry at Collaboration Squared, video window delivers nothing less than a natural workflow with the company has found out to be something that has been in high demand in the business world for a very long time. So with a device like this, workers will have the same feeling as though they are working together in the same office apartment. Apart from enabling a workable digital workforce, the video window also simplifies the management and usability of office tasks through a limitless sharing of information through video and audio means. Though sometimes, offices do use some communication software like instant messaging Apps, e.t.c. but typing an instruction does not always send a strong message than if it was done using a visual device like a video window device which creates a kind of consolidated online corporate presence.

Published 12/27/19