Melissa Abramson
AUTHOR: Melissa Abramson
Sep 2, 2019 - 5 min read

Business Communication About To Get Better With Logitech Rally Ultra HD PTZ Camera

Effective communication system is key to the success of an office and organization as a whole. When communication systems in the workplace is compromised, the potential for the office to function efficiently without friction is undermine. 

Managing a workspace isn’t something easy, it requires a selection and combination of various communication types to be effective. One of most effective business’ communication means is video conferencing. Today, video conferencing is widely used, especially in business’s space. It is being leveraged by SME, as well as big businesses, to bring about effective team collaboration solution.

Though video conferencing allows businesses to collaborate smoothly with people who are even ocean away, it still requires the right software and hardware to support it for premium performance. Integrating the right tools with video conferencing would make it easier to keep both your external and internal teams on the same page for as long as you want. This is where Logitech Rally Ultra HD PTZ Camera comes into the picture.

Introducing the New Kid on the Block – Logitech Rally Ultra HD PTZ Camera 

The number of existing conference cameras are so numerous that one would be compelled to ask if it was possible for developers to come up with something new. While that question was still begging for answers, there came Logitech Rally Ultra HD PTZ Camera and the conference camera has broken through digital markets. 

Designed by the No. 1 leader in video and audio technology, Logitech, the cutting-edge camera features all the qualities that qualify a conference camera as being exceptional. It is ideal for businesses of all size and it’s specifically designed to simplify business communication

Logitech Rally Ultra HD PTZ Camera is compatible with USB devices including Microsoft Skype® for Business, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts Meet, and Zoom, to name a few.

What’s different with the Rally Ultra HD PTZ Camera?

When a new conferencing equipment just hits the market, existing users of the competitors are usually interested in what’s new about it. Everyone tries to know why they should get involved. 

The Rally Ultra HD PTZ Camera from Logitech is a solid choice among its peers for its exceptional versatility. It offers superior quality performance for all-size businesses in professional conferencing spaces of any size and shape. It comes with all the right features that you can ever need for creating your business’ unique video conferencing. 

The automatic camera control allows users to automatically move and adjust the lens. This particular feature can be leveraged to comfortably frame meeting participants in professional conferencing spaces, no matter the size and shape. 

The adaptive mechanical pan, tilt, and zoom are premium features. The whisper-quiet mechanical PTZ motor is used to control or adjust the speed of the pan and tilt with the amount of zoom. This will result into a faster camera movement when zoomed out for quick framing and slower camera movement when zoomed in for more control. 

The plug-and-play simplicity feature allows for easy connection to power and other devices including PC, Mac, and Chrome® via USB. There is also a variety of installation options. You can choose to position the camera in multiple ways. You may position it on a table or decide to attach it to a VESA-compatible display using the optional TV Mount for MeetUp. You can even secure it to a wall with included hardware and there is also an option for ceiling installation. 

Logitech Rally Ultra HD PTZ Camera is Zoom, Fuze, and Cisco certified. Also, it is certified for Skype for Business and Teams ready. The Rally Camera works well with brands including GoToMeeting, BroadSoft, Vidyo, BlueJeans, and Google Hangouts Meet.

Why Logitech Rally Ultra HD PTZ Camera is Gaining Ground? 

One of the reasons behind the great popularity of Logitech Rally Ultra HD PTZ Camera is found in its exceptional versatility and peerless performance. Logitech integrates simplicity and ease-of-use with leading-edge functionality to bring about an incredible piece of video conferencing equipment. This piece of equipment can take care of all your video conferencing needs satisfactorily. Some of the reasons the Rally Ultra HD PTZ Camera from Logitech is gaining global recognition include:

Enhanced User Experience

The Rally ultra HD PTZ Camera is equipped with RightSight™ and RightSense™ technology. The RightSight™ tech helps keep users in focus by automatically adjusting the camera lens. While RightSense™ tech automatically move and adjust the lens of the camera to comfortably frame meeting participants, no matter their distance, or position in the conferencing room. There is also RightLight™ technology that will help optimize light balance and render your on-screen image natural always. These incredible features of Rally Camera help promote user experience. Also, Rally Camera works well with virtually all video conferencing app available on the market today.

Sleek Industrial Design 

Rally Camera combines first-rated logical optics and 4K sensor in a premium industrial design ideal for any professional setting. It also comes with multiple installation options. You can install your Logitech Rally Camera any how you want. It can be placed on a table, mounted on a trip or to a wall with included hardware. Rally Camera has shown a high compatibility with Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Fuze, Cisco, and other video software solution available.

Maximum Privacy Assurance

When your Rally Camera is not in use, the lens will point straight down, automatically defaulting to a parked position. When this happens, it is a visual affirmation that the camera is in idle mode and can’t ‘’see’’ anything going on in your meeting space. The lens lift to a pre-set position as soon as a meeting is established and parked automatically as soon as the meeting come to an end.

Due to its exceptional versatility and features, Rally Ultra HD PTZ Camera from Logitech is a solid choice among its peers. You would not be making a mistake by going for this product. It integrates simplicity and ease-of-use with state-of-the-art image management functionality. It is a ‘’do-it-all’’ camera specifically designed to simplify business communication.