5 Reason Why Leaving Slack Would Put You At a Disadvantage

You must be familiar with the war of dominance that is going on between Microsoft and Slack. Well, what you do not know is that Slack is winning. Though from the flip side it looks like Microsoft is winning the battle, it might also interest you to know that Slack has released a third-quarter profit of $168.7 million (well, doesn’t look like someone who is losing a war). Judging from the company’s current statistics, over 135,000 companies make use of Slack on a daily basis for enhanced communication within the office area.

So, from our brief analogy, you will understand that slack as a tool is still very relevant in the industry. So, if you are planning to quit, you might as well plan to lose out in the most interesting features you can get in an instant messaging tool that you can only get from using Slack. But not to worry, we will help you understand the disadvantages of leaving Slack, below, we have listed 5 reasons why it is actually a bad idea; 

1. Increased Productivity

Quitting Slack is like quitting an opportunity to increase productivity in the workplace. One of the major benefits of using an instant messaging app in the office is to promote productivity through effective communication, and Slack is developed with the right features to serve this purpose. According to statistical data from Slack, using this tool has reduced the number of emails sent by 23% as against 32% accounted for other apps. The point is that Slack has replaced the way offices communicate. So if you are planning to cut off this service, get ready to, struggle with your productively level. 

2. Safety and Security

It has been established that an average Slack user spends not less than 10 hours every week communicating with colleagues. This means that users feel more secure sharing vital information, office gossips via Slack without getting scared of being hacked or encountering any form of breach. So think again while considering leaving this tool because at the end of the day no app beats the security this the Slack office instant messaging app comes with.

3. Third-party Integration

Although Microsoft Teams has over 500,000 companies using it, Slack still dominates in the aspect of Third-party integration. It is designed to be compatible with many services and tools, for example, it can work seamlessly with services and tools like Google Drive, Trello, GitHub, and over 150 other different tools and services. And from the recent update on the app’s toolkit, it gives room for advanced users. So if you are indeed planning on leaving this service, you have to as well kiss innovation goodbye.

4. Use Guest Accounts

This is a unique feature in Slack, not every office messaging app does this. Slack allows you to access shared channels as well as guest accounts so you can work directly with people that are not in your team. 

5. Personal Office

If you are planning on leaving Slack then also be ready to quit an opportunity of creating your centralized work area where you can easily connect with your important tools.

So, no matter the criticism that surrounds this service, the pleasure which it gives to its users can never be compared with any instant messaging office tool even the Microsoft Team. So we advise you think twice before considering quitting this App because at the end of the day, it has more to offer the users than any other similar tool. Good luck.

Published 02/19/20