200 Patents in 100 Days: TalkDesk May Be The Next Big UC Brand

The TalkDesk brand recently announced that they were successful in getting 200 patents filed in 100 days. This is a huge achievement if you ask. Worth mentioning is the fact that most of the patents were concentrated on the artificial intelligence capabilities of this cloud contact center. TalkDesk is breaking innovative grounds with their creations by providing users with the opportunity of exploring future technologies and capabilities. Their level of acceptance shows that people are ready to run along with their innovation. 

Why Is TalkDesk Breaking Grounds?

Seeing how close TalkDesk is moving towards being the center of AI, one wouldn’t detach from the fact that they have a dedicated team of experts running their research and product development. This is highly reflected by the innovative culture in the cloud contact center. The chief product officer of TalkDesk, Charanya Lankan, recently said that “Innovation is part of the DNA at Talkdesk where we continually push the limits of the Talkdesk core technology and platform.” She made it known that the TalkDesk’s TDX lab’s innovation had been their secret to standing out in the market.

The TDX lab is centered around exploring future technologies and their capabilities. What they have done is to create technologies expressing Artificial Intelligence  (AI) as the future of customer service. This basically means faster response due to automation, increased engagements, customer satisfaction, and contact center decisions.

Hagar Adibi, head of data science at TalkDesk said that “AI is the core of a contact center operation.” He also claimed that “Innovation is one of the strategic pillars of TalkDesk and it is an honor seeing the brand’s innovative creations being recognized.”. TalkDesk has really taken the patent filing achievement well stating their innovative drive as “what allows them to grow and lead in the tech industry”

TalkDesk Contact Centre Capabilities 

After their big announcement, TalkDesk is starting this year on a high note. Although they have some exciting new innovations to launch in 2020, their progress in 2019 cannot be overlooked. Last year, TalkDesk released a series of capabilities that received wide acceptance from users. Some of those capabilities included the TalkDesk Agent Assistant Features, TalkDesk WorkForce Management Tools, Hybrid Spaces and Boost. These capabilities were designed to enhance the user experience and also enhance WorkForce collaboration and transition to the cloud.

Of course, TalkDesk Solutions did not come without some application of AI. Their AI solution is powered by the TalkDesk IQTM which was made to equip customer service providers with unchallenged business intelligence. TalkDesk IQTM does this by collecting a series of customer interactions, processing them and revealing insightful trends and recommendations that are in line with customer needs. As a business, using TalkDesk IQTM is like a guide to creating more contact center efficiency.

Is TalkDesk the Next Big UC Brand?

The undeniable fact is that TalkDesk has established their niche as a Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) brand. They have been steadily setting a mark for other brands to meet up to. Their cloud innovations have been remarkable and it is no surprise that they have set an outstanding record with 200 new patents filed in 100 days. With this record, it also cannot be overlooked that over half of the filed patents were interested in their AI approach. With cloud contact and Artificial Intelligence, is TalkDesk moving further to being the biggest UC brand in the WorkForce?

One thing to note is that for a brand to be big in the WorkForce, it means more adoption by businesses. Seeing the progress Talk Desk has made this past year, we see no reason why they would not sweep businesses off their feet. With their innovative approach, TalkDesk is focused on using their tech innovations to empower businesses through their customer service solutions. The TalkDesk IQTM is a business intelligence tool that can help businesses better improve their interaction with customers. 

TalkDesk is not reigning it in when it comes to innovation and if they keep pushing it, there is no reason why businesses would not jump in full time. Looking into the market and recognizing the current UC needs would be the ultimate factor that would push TalkDesk right to the top. As a brand that prides itself on innovation and exploring future tech capabilities, we see no reason why TalkDesk would not easily become the next big thing. They seem already on their way. Would they beat their record this year? Guess we just have to wait and see.

Published 01/20/20