InterCall and NextPlane have reached a new agreement, which will add NextPlane’s UC Exchange service to InterCall’s UC offerings. This will enable InterCall customers using unified communications platforms to communicate and collaborate with hundreds of organizations and UC domains worldwide, providing faster and seamless collaboration.

InterCall provides a variety of unified communications tools, such as video conferencing, instant messaging, presence, multi-party chat, and voice integration. With the addition of the NextPlane UC Exchange, InterCall customers can now exchange presence and instant messages with anyone, as though they were on the same platform.

UC Exchange supports business partners over a variety of UC platforms, and is designed to make federation easily accessible for many businesses and users. Supported platforms include Microsoft Office 365 and Lync, IBM Sametime, Cisco WebEx Messenger, Google Apps, and many more. Users can communicate through UC Exchange across the various platforms, regardless of who uses what.

“InterCall and NextPlane, in my opinion, fills an important niche to provide UC federation across multiple platforms,” states Stephen Leaden of Leaden Associates, Inc. and UC Expert at UCStrategies. “InterCall is widely used by many of our clients, and this agreement between NextPlane and InterCall will enable InterCall to federate their UC suite, allowing their customer base to federate between InterCall and many other manufacturers’ platforms, connecting customers to customers and customers to other providers leveraging the NextPlane platform. This move will surely differentiate InterCall from its competitors.”

The combination of InterCall and NextPlane should provide the same array of unified communications tools and features across more platforms than before, increasing collaboration and providing a more seamless communication experience. It allows customers to connect, collaborate, and communicate with over 250 federation-ready organizations, and over 600 UC domains worldwide, so staying in touch should become a simple task.

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