UC Federation

IBM Federation - UC Federation
IBM Federation - Connect Communicate Collaborate Connect your IBM Sametime users to their external colleagues on Cisco, Microsoft, Unify, Google Apps, OpenFire and virtually any UC platforms-seamlessly. 

UC Federation supports IBM Sametime 8.5.x and 9.

Enhance your end-user’s B2B collaboration experience across organizational boundaries with:

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UC Phonebook

IBM Federation - UC phonebook
Find your colleagues in external partner organizations directly from IBM Sametime Connect.   Learn More »

Yahoo! Messenger Federation

IBM Federation - Yahoo! Messenger Federation
Enable your Sametime users to collaborate with their colleagues on Yahoo! Messenger without exposing your company to a myriad of security, regulatory, reputational, and other risks.  Learn More »

Google Hangouts Federation

IBM Federation - Google Hangouts Federation
Google Hangouts is here to stay! Do your Sametime users want to collaborate with their colleagues on Google Hangouts?

Do you need to ensure control and security by enforcing policies and disclaimers?  Learn More »

Social Media Federation

IBM Federation - Social Media Federation
Social Media is becoming an important component of enterprise collaboration and communication.  Remain in control while giving your employees’ access to social networks.  Learn More »
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